Wi-Fi Bandwidth Management

The holistic wireless bandwidth management software

When your organization has an increasing number of wired and wireless devices, it's necessary to have an accurate balance of budget, performance, and security. As much as the wireless devices can offer flexibility to users, discovering and managing those devices can be highly challenging given their dynamic nature.

The only effective solution to provide your users with functional wireless network performance, while ensuring no rogue users penetrate your network, is by utilizing a feature-rich wireless bandwidth management tool.

NetFlow Analyzer: The fully-featured wireless bandwidth management tool

NetFlow Analyzer is a comprehensive wireless network bandwidth control software that helps you track the performance of your wireless network, with dynamic discovery, statistical analysis, and bandwidth usage reports. With our enterprise-grade tool, you can get visibility into all wireless devices and ensure their efficiency meets your performance concerns.

  • Ensure continuous availability of devices with real-time traffic analysis
  • Find the access points or SSIDs consuming the most bandwidth
  • Know the rogue devices that are using your network
  • Restrict access of any particular client IP address
  • Minimize network incidents with alerts and reports

NetFlow Analyzer's top five features for effective WiFi bandwidth management

WLC traffic monitoring

NetFlow Analyzer offers you visibility into the Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs) by automatically discovering them once the flows are exported. You can drill down into the WLCs and find all the associated access points and SSIDs. Address the performance concerns and the availability issues with the traffic data of a particular WLC by volume, speed, and utilization, and the bandwidth utilization of all the associated access points and SSIDs.

Wireless Bandwidth Management - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Access point monitoring

Access point monitoring helps you detect potentially malicious rogue devices that are not a part of your organization. With NetFlow Analyzer, you can monitor all the registered and unregistered access points, and eliminate the rogue devices. You can also view the access points' bandwidth utilization by users, SSIDs, and applications. With our WiFi bandwidth management software, you can also group the access points by department or branch for wireless bandwidth monitoring, and get overall traffic data for easier analysis.

Wireless Bandwidth Management Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

SSID monitoring

SSID traffic monitoring with NetFlow Analyzer helps you get a holistic approach. You can view the entire inventory of SSIDs and their IN and OUT traffic by volume and packets. Know which SSIDs are important and which ones are hogging your bandwidth. Check which users are consuming the most bandwidth and how they are using it, with applications traffic. Similar to access points, you can create an SSID group and allocate bandwidth based on the department's significance to your organization and its requirement.

WiFi Network Bandwidth Management - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Wireless traffic reporting

Get a holistic picture of any wireless element like access point or SSID and how they have consumed your network's bandwidth over a custom period. You can generate reports like Search, Forensics, Consolidated, Capacity Planning, etc.

Wi-Fi Bandwidth Management Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Top talkers monitoring

An ideal bandwidth control tool should be able to streamline your monitoring and make it easier for you to get the desired performance metrics. NetFlow Analyzer's wireless network bandwidth monitoring will provide you with the top talkers in your network including top WLCs, SSIDs, conversations, and also a WLC heat map, so that you won't have to go through every interface to see which is hogging bandwidth. You can also customize our wireless network bandwidth control software's dashboard according to your monitoring requirements.

WiFi Bandwidth Management Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Get your wireless network bandwidth management challenges sorted with NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a flow-based wireless network bandwidth monitoring tool that supports technologies from different vendors. You can export flows from devices that support NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow, NetStream, etc., and make sure that all the devices in your network are discovered. Our bandwidth control software comprises risk management features like Alerts and Attacks keeping you updated on your network's performance and security, all the blind spots in your network bandwidth monitoring are covered!

Try our free demo or contact a product expert to see how NetFlow Analyzer can improve your wired or wireless network's quality by helping you prioritize bandwidth allocation according to your business needs.