Product Brief

NetFlow Analyzer Product Brief - The Business Value of NetFlow Analyzer

Product Overview

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer provides insight into the most complex network traffic patterns of all types through a simple yet highly informative reports that helps the IT Administrator get a complete perspective of the enterprise network.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is not just a dashboarding and reporting tool but a flow-based analytical solution to networkers to proactively predict and prevent performance issues in the network. NetFlow Analyzer helps the IT Administrator keep a tab on different dimensions of the network ranging from QoS, SLA, WAAS effectiveness, rich-media traffic and more.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer aligns itself seamlessly with different flow types such as NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, AppFlow and NetStream. It is also built to suit a wide range of industry standards such as IP SLA for service level agreements for voice, WAN and video operations, class-based quality of service.

Apart from these reports, the Capacity Planning reports help making well-informed capacity planning decisions. This has quite a major impact on future investments on network infrastructure. The 'Billing' module is a tool that can verify if the service provider is fairly charging the consumer.

Our Approach

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer collects data with the help of your existing infrastructure since it supports a wide range of flow-enabled switches and routers. This is mainly to ensure that our customers do not incur any additional infrastructure and hardware investments that are unavoidable in case of a hardware-based tool. A majority of devices (routers and switches) support flow formats and we leverage flow data, converting it into meaningful information that help the IT Administrators get the best performance out of your networks


Dashboard view

  • Customize and create your own dashboard by dragging and dropping widgets with no additional effort
  • Choose from a wide set of 50 widgets such as top devices, interfaces, IP groups based on

Traffic Analytics Report

  • Generate highly granular and accurate real-time traffic reports instantly and troubleshoot by zooming spikes through our selectable graphs
  • Monitor IN and OUT traffic on the basis of speed, volume, packets and utilization


  • Set up and manage threshold-based alerts on your network
  • Set up email alerts to stay afoot in case of emergencies proactively

QoS Validation

  • Monitor your QoS through CBQoS reports to ensure maximum priority to your business-related applications over other bandwidth-intensive yet unproductive applications
  • Monitor pre and post policy traffic drops across different classes of traffic and queues

SLA Validation

  • Assure best-in-class service levels for your VoIP, WAN and video traffic with the help of IP SLA reports
  • Assure best-in-class service levels for your VoIP, WAN and video traffic with the help of IP SLA reports
  • Monitor important factors such as latency, packet loss, Mean Opinion Score(MOS) and jitter which determine the performance of our services

Rich-media Traffic Monitoring

  • Optimize and monitor your network for rich-media traffic
  • Leverage the power of Medianet and Mediatrace reports to monitor system and performance metrics

Security Analytics Reporting

  • Monitor security levels in your network in real-time using our network behavior analysis module
  • Detect zero-day attacks, DDoS attacks, scans, probes and many such security vulnerabilities before they could impact and impair your network

Capacity Planning and Billing

  • Prepare for the future based on our Capacity Planning reports to make accurate decisions on handling future bandwidth requirements
  • Billing module is exclusively tailored for fair billing of bandwidth and this is both for Service Providers and consumers for verifying their band- width bill

About NetFlow Analyzer

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is designed to provide a 360 degree view of your Enterprise network comprising of network traffic and security snapshot, SLA levels, QoS policies, WAAS effectiveness, VoIP and video traffic thus making it a complete comprehensive network bandwidth monitoring solution. The benefits that your organization reaps are very many, such as:

  1. Better investment decisions
  2. Managing and minimizing bandwidth costs
  3. Network optimized for critical applications
  4. Proactive detection and prevention of network incidents
  5. Better capacity planning decisions
  6. Ensuring minimum downtime and continuous availability
  7. Better QoS and SLA management
  8. Reinforced network security
  9. Network fine tuned for optimum performance

The ManageEngine Advantage

We have been in the network management space for over a decade helping making Enterprise networks better. Our footprint in the IT network management space is over a decade old and all these years of valuable industry experience have helped us understand exactly, the IT requirements of a modern-day Enterprise. Our long association with people at different levels of a wide segment of industries spread across the entire World has helped us get first-hand account of the day-to-day IT challenges that they face and how we could help them provide solutions to their problems

We firmly believe that customers don't buy products but they buy solutions to their problems. With that approach, we tailor our products to suit the environment of the end-user and we are known well for our rich feature set for almost a fraction of the price offered by the other vendors. We also give at most importance to the user experience aspect and try to make the IT Administrator's job easier by making our products as user-friendly as it can get. Our consistent and regular product releases provide customers with newer versions to accommodate the ever-changing needs of business and specifically the IT networks. We offer world-class after-sales support and have free editions for all our major products.