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Network traffic forecasting and smart IT budgeting with NetFlow Analyzer

Recent years have seen many enterprises increase IT spending to optimize their existing networks and better adapt to new technologies. Some major reasons why an enterprise would opt to growing their IT network is to maintain increasing needs of improved security, faster networks, and sufficient bandwidth. But in the end, many businesses fail to achieve their objectives. This is because of unplanned goals, failure to evaluate the existing transformation efforts, and so much more.

Unplanned upgrades can lead to:

  • Budget spending outweighing the ROI
  • Downtime or disruptions in critical operations
  • Increase in complexities

Enterprises need the right data before they can eliminate such challenges and have a smooth digital transformation. Enterprises should know how much they regularly spend on their bandwidth, which applications or devices contribute to major usage of the network, and whether there are any performance gaps. By knowing how the network has been utilized so far, estimating bandwidth requirements becomes a cakewalk. To achieve such ease in bandwidth management requires a tool with network traffic forecasting capabilities.

NetFlow Analyzer, your go-to network traffic forecasting tool

NetFlow Analyzer is a bandwidth monitoring software that monitors, analyzes, and detects enterprise networks' traffic trends to show insights on the who, when, and how of the network bandwidth usage. Pinpointing performance lags or ensuring there are no network incidents requires having a tool that provides complete visibility and control, and NetFlow Analyzer's traffic analysis capabilities brings you exactly that. You can go beyond monitoring and strategize your resource allocation processes with visibility into future bandwidth usage model.

Network traffic forecast is a reporting feature of NetFlow Analyzer that helps you predict the bandwidth utilization of your network for the upcoming period, based on the available data. With advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the network forecast reports uses available past data and current traffic patterns to anticipate the changes. Therefore, no matter how dynamic your network environment is, NetFlow Analyzer constantly processes these data points to generate revised reports. It does this as the changes come so the reports will be refined and accurate.

Historical data collection

Pattern analysis

Report generation

Ensure your network's optimal performance with traffic forecasting

NetFlow Analyzer's network forecasting uses historical data and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies, to help you get a better understanding of your network under various conditions. You can choose any different source—such as interface, IP group, or access point group—and find their bandwidth usage for the upcoming days you have chosen.

Network Traffic Forecasting - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Network Traffic Forecast - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Resource allocation for applications, made easier

At most times, a network's performance is influenced by the number of applications being used. An enterprise network can house more than a handful of applications for day-to-day operations. But what should be prioritized the most can only be known when its traffic is seen as a holistic report. NetFlow Analyzer's application forecasting reports will help you forecast any top or particular Layer 4 and Layer 7 applications's traffic for any source.

In a nutshell, NetFlow Analyzer's network traffic forecasting helps:

  • Report on the network usage that is to be expected
  • Predict your business's operation efficiency
  • Provide strategies to prevent issues with a negative impact

Accomplish more traffic forecasting capabilities with NetFlow Analyzer

Capacity planning

NetFlow Analyzer's capacity planning reports show you bandwidth usage of top applications in your network and how their utilization has grown over time. Application utilization graphs and overall network usage will help you find the ones that add value to your organization's productivity, and plan the bandwidth allocation strategies to those applications in the future. Therefore, you can spend only on those that fulfills your business goals. More on capacity planning.

Network Traffic Forecasting Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Network Traffic Forecasting Solution - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Billing reports

If you're an ISP, NetFlow Analyzer facilitates your business with billing reports that lets you configure billing cycles based on bandwidth utilization for each customer. You can also generate bills based on type, such as volume or speed. Each bill can have its base plan and base cost configured, along with additional costs that will incur on the configured date and cycle. More on billing reports.

NetFlow Analyzer: Your all-in-one traffic management tool for any performance challenges

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is an all network traffic forecasting tool that has been trusted by customers across the world for all their enterprise network's performance woes. NetFlow Analyzer unifies all the traffic monitoring requirements enterprises need under a single console to eliminate implementation and scalability challenges. Adding to capabilities like traffic monitoring, network forensics, network usage alert management, and anomaly detection, our network traffic forecasting solution also helps simplify configuration management and switch port management with add-ons like ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager, and ManageEngine OpUtils respectively.

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