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Backup and restoration of all Active Directory objects. Restore entire objects or just specific attributes.

Exchange Attributes Backup & Recovery Tool

Exchange attributes are the basic building blocks of communication in Active Directory (AD). All users, groups, and contacts hold Exchange information, including email address, department name, mailbox GUID, and mailbox policy settings. However, it's not unheard of to accidentally delete users, groups, and contacts during AD management. If this happens, all email communication with involved users, contacts, and groups comes to a halt, profoundly hindering the organization.

So, restoration becomes the highest priority. A recovery operation to restore all deleted or modified Exchange attributes to their original, working state is vital. However, this can be hard to do without the right tools. RecoveryManager Plus is a web-based AD recovery tool to help you back up and restore Exchange attributes in AD. A simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface, coupled with powerful features, make it the complete backup and recovery solution. Further, to be on top of your Exchange environment, you will need an efficient Exchange management and reporting software like ADManager Plus. Create, modify, delete, migrate, restore and also report on Exchange Server and Exchange Online mailboxes, distribution groups and more with just mouse-clicks.

RecoveryManager Plus highlights:

  • Restore deleted Exchange attributes of users, contacts, and groups to their last known state, or to any of their previous versions, when deleted.
  • Attribute level restoration lets you partially restore specific Exchange attributes of users, contacts, and groups. Each change made to an Exchange attribute is stored as an incremental backup, making it possible to restore individual attributes.
  • Roll back Exchange attributes to a previous point in time and undo all modifications made after that point. For each change made, a rollback point is created, making it easy to revert to any of those points.
  • Change management is easier than ever. All changes made to Exchange attributes are stored as differential backups, letting you reverse any change you deem unnecessary.
  • Compare multiple backups during restoration and select the one you want to restore.
  • Say goodbye to mandatory restarts with RecoveryManager Plus. When you recover deleted Exchange attributes from Windows 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, or 2012 R2 servers, you don't have to restart your domain controllers. This ensures continuous availability across the domain, so you don't lose any valuable time.

Get the ability to automatically connect recovered users with their mailboxes without writing PowerShell scripts.

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