How to use New-AzADDomainServiceReplicaSetObject in Azure Active Directory

Replica sets are groups of two domain controllers that are deployed in the same Azure region in Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) managed domains. A managed domain in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based Active Directory domain that is fully managed by Microsoft. This is useful for environments where modern authentication methods can't be used or legacy applications from your on-premises environment need to be used without needing to manage the AD DS environment in the cloud. This measure provides high availability and disaster recovery when one of the designated domain controller fails in the Azure region. The replica set object contains the properties of the replica set, such as the location, subnet, and domain controller IP addresses. The New AzADDomainServiceReplicaSetObject PowerShell cmdlet allows you to create an in-memory object for a domain service replica set with the necessary parameters.

Azure PowerShell syntax

[-Location <String>]
[-SubnetId <String>]
[-DomainControllerIPAddresses <String[]>]
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The following is an example script for creating an in-memory object for a domain service replica set with the necessary parameters in an Azure AD DS managed domain.

$replicaSet = New-AzADDomainServiceReplicaSetObject -Location <location> -SubnetId <subnetid> -DomainControllerIPAddresses <DCip>

where <location> specifies the location of the replica set, <SubnetId> refers to the path of the subnet that the replica set will be deployed to, and <DCip> specifies the IP addresses of the domain controllers in the replica set.

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