Remove Office 365 License from User Accounts using Powershell

The following is a comparison between removing licenses of Office 365 users with Windows PowerShell and ADManager Plus:

Windows PowerShell

Steps to remove licenses of Office 365 users using PowerShell:

  • Identify the Office 365 tenant from which you want to retrieve the report.
  • Identify the cmdlets you need for the report.
  • Compile the script.
  • Execute it in Windows PowerShell.

Sample Windows PowerShell script:

Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName -RemoveLicenses "<AccountSkuId1>", "<;AccountSkuId2>"...
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ADManager Plus

Steps to remove licenses for Office 365 users:

  • Select Office 365 -> License Management ->Assign/Remove licenses
  • Select Remove all licenses option, choose the country, the desired Office 365 account and its users, and click Apply.


Remove Office 365 Licenses to Users in Bulk using ADManager Plus

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Following are the limitations to manage licenses of Office 365 users using native tools like Windows PowerShell:

  • With additional filters, the script will get longer and more complicated.
  • Troubleshooting these scripts requires extensive AD and scripting expertise.

ADManager Plus can help you remove licenses of Office 365 users in a simple and intuitively designed UI.

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