How to create a new Azure AD user using PowerShell scripts

The New-AzADUser cmdlet is used for generating new users within Azure AD. As your unified solution for AD, Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, and Google Workspace management and reporting, ADManager Plus empowers you to achieve the same task with zero PowerShell scripting and comprehensive capabilities.

Explore the comparison table below to witness how ADManager Plus excels in removing Azure AD groups, offering a user-centric, powerful alternative.

Azure PowerShell

Steps to create a new Azure AD user using PowerShell scripts:

  • Note down the required parameters for creating the user.
  • Execute the following PowerShell script with the required parameters and their values.
-DisplayName <DisplayName>
-MailNickname <MailNickname>
-UserPrincipalName <-UserPrincipalName>
-Password <SecurePassword>
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Where <DisplayName> specifies the name for the group, <MailNickname> specifies the mail alias for the group, <UserPrincipalName> specifies the UPN of the user, and <Password> refers to the password for the user.

ADManager Plus

In ADManager Plus, you can simultaneously create users in Azure AD and Microsoft 365 by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Log in to ADManager Plus and navigate to Management > User Management.
  • Click Create Single User link and enter User Profile Attributes.
  • Choose a container or create a new one.
  • Select a Microsoft 365 Tenant from the drop-down.
  • Use ADManager Plus templates for easy management.
  • Select a template for user creation.
  • Fill in the mandatory attributes.
  • Click Create.

Limitations of using PowerShell scripts to create new Azure AD users

  • While PowerShell offers many built-in cmdlets, some tasks might require third-party modules or libraries, which can introduce complexities and dependencies.
  • PowerShell is primarily designed for Windows environments, so its functionality may be limited when used on non-Windows platforms.
  • PowerShell scripts are time-consuming and can affect productivity.
  • As user management requirements evolve or change, scripts require updates and maintenance. This ongoing effort can become burdensome, especially for organizations with dynamic user populations.
  • Generating comprehensive reports on user updates and changes may require additional scripting effort or third-party tools.

Elevate Azure AD management with ADManager Plus

Simplify Azure AD administration with ManageEngine ADManager Plus. With ADManager Plus, administrators can:

  • Perform bulk operations on multiple users simultaneously, making it efficient to update user attributes, reset passwords, or modify their group memberships in one go.
  • Utilize customizable templates for Azure AD managers and help desk technicians to efficiently create and modify user accounts with all the necessary attributes in a single action.
  • Specify a list of onboarding tasks to be completed in accordance with organizational policy with the help of orchestration templates.
  • Maintain security and compliance by auditing changes and ensuring proper access controls.

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