How to use Remove-AzADDomainService in Azure Active Directory

A managed domain in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based Active Directory domain that is fully managed by Microsoft. This is useful for environments where modern authentication methods can't be used or legacy applications from your on-premises environment need to be used without needing to manage the AD DS environment in the cloud. The Remove-AzADDomainService cmdlet allows you to delete an existing managed domain in your Azure Active Directory.

Azure PowerShell syntax

-Name <String>
-ResourceGroupName <String>
[-SubscriptionId <String>]
[-DefaultProfile <PSObject>]
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The following is an example script for deleting an existing managed domain in your Azure Active Directory.

Remove-AzADDomainService -ResourceGroupName <ResourceGroupName> -Name <domainName>

where <ResourceGroupName> denotes the name of the resource group within the user's subscription and <domainName> refers to the name of the managed domain.

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