AWS EC2 Log Source - How to add

Installation procedure

Ensure that EventLog Analyzer server can access EC2 Windows instance.


Welcome ELA AWS Agent installation

  • Welcome screen with copyright protection message appears.

Confirm ELA AWS Agent installation

  • Confirm the agent installation.

Enter ELA server details

  • Enter the server details: Server Name or Server IP Adress, Server Database, Server Protocol, AWS Instance (choose Yes if agent installation is on AWS, No if it is not), Server Port (mention the HTTP/HTTPS server port, default port is 8400).

ELA AWS Agent installation complete


ELA AWS Agent installed as service

  • EventLog Analyzer agent is installed as a service in AWS Windows instance.

ELA AWS Agent running as service

  • Check whether the service is running.

ELA AWS Agent listed as host

  • EC2 server name is resolved from the IP address provided.

ELA AWS Agent displayed in Settings page

  • You can check that the AWS instance is displayed in both the Devices tab and the Agent Administration settings page.

ELA AWS Agent displays logs

  • After five minutes you can view the reports rolling out for the AWS instance.
Add Windows Hosts


  • Install one agent on each AWS Windows server instance.
  • You should not associate other AWS server instances with an AWS agent.