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In an attempt to handle reported issues with better care, we need to find the root cause by accessing your logs.

Steps to upload the logs :

  1. Compress the logs folder located at <installation dir.> (e.g. C:\ManageEngine\Exchange Reporter Plus\logs).
  2. Click here to upload the log files.
  3. Select Exchange Reporter Plus from the product drop down list.
  4. Provide your the required details. Please briefly describe the issue in the 'reason' field along with your 'contact number' for better assistance.
  5. Attach the log files using "Add Files" button and click on "Upload" button to upload logs.

You can connect to the Exchange Reporter Plus database using a web browser. Type in the below text in the address bar and get access to your database.


The gathered data is stored in the PGSQL database located on the Exchange Reporter Plus installation directory. During the automatic cleanup process, only the "Hourly Based" data for reports "Organization Traffic", "Server Traffic", "Custom Recipients Traffic", "Distribution List Traffic" and "Mailbox Traffic" will be cleaned up automatically after 35 Days. All other data will not get deleted.

To access Exchange Reporter Plus, double click on the desktop shortcut icon of Exchange Reporter Plus.

The product can also be started from

Start → Programs → Exchange Reporter Plus → Start Exchange Reporter Plus

Alternatively, you can open a Web browser and type http://<hostname>:<port number> in the address bar. Hostname refers to the DNS name of the machine where Exchange Reporter Plus is running and the "port number" is the port at which Exchange Reporter Plus is running. The default port number is "8181".

To check if MTL logging in enabled:

  • For Exchange Server 2003, open the Exchange System Manager and right click against the server to open ‘Properties. From the Properties dialog and under the ‘General’ tab, check if message tracking is enabled.
  • For Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, open the Exchange Management Console. Click on the ‘Hub Transport’; right click against the server and click on 'Properties'. Under ‘Log Settings’ tab, check if message tracking logging is enabled.

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