How do I keep track of OWA logons?

Outlook Web Access (OWA) has made it so much easier for users to access their mailboxes with just an internet connection. While accessibility has improved tremendously with OWA, there are new problems that you may have to face as an administrator.

Reasons to monitor user logons

  • Sometimes, there may be logons from unknown IP addresses. If there are several logon attempts from an unfamiliar IP address, it's a probable sign of malicious activity. You need information about these user logons in order to determine if they are malicious or just an employee working from home.
  • Your organization might have imposed a policy that employees should stick to a particular browser for safety. You need to be vigilant about whether these rules are being adhered to or not.

  • You might want to know the departments in your organization that have maximum and minimum logon counts.

  • You can get information about the top Exchange Servers to which the OWA users log on frequently to analyse their traffic.

Besides this there are numerous other reasons why you may want to monitor OWA logons. Exchange Reporter Plus offers comprehensive reports on user logon activities for both Exchange Servers and Exchange Online.

List of reports available for Exchange Server-based OWA user logons

To access these reports, go to the Reports tab and navigate to Exchange Server > OWA & ActiveSync category.


OWA General Reports

  • Logon by Users: Lists all the users who used OWA to log on to their mailboxes.
  • Browser based Logon: Shows the details of the browsers that were used to access OWA and count of logons from that browser.

  • Client IP based Logon: Shows the client IP address from which OWA was accessed and the logon count.

  • Server based Logon: Shows the top OWA servers the users logged on to most based on the count.

  • Logon Specifics: Shows detailed information for each OWA logon like the user name, logon date, time and more.

  • Logon Failure: Shows all the failed OWA logon attempts by users.

OWA Department Reports

  • Logon Count per Department: Shows the OWA user logon count per department.
  • Logon Count for users of a Department: Shows the OWA logon count for users in a particular department.

  • Logon Specifics for Users of a Department: Shows all the OWA logon specifics for users of the specified department.

OWA user logon report for Exchange Online

To access this report, go to the Reports tab and navigate to Exchange Online > OWA & Mobile Reports category.


  • OWA Logon by Users: Lists all the users who used OWA to log on to their mailboxes.

Track and monitor user logons and schedule these reports to get updates at regular intervals. You can also export these logon reports to CSV, XLS, HTML and PDF formats. To learn more about how Exchange Reporter Plus compliments your Exchange reporting, auditing and monitoring needs, click here.


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