How does Exchange Reporter Plus enforce GDPR compliance?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is for organizations that are located in the European Union (EU) or service customers in the EU in any way. Exchange Reporter Plus includes certain functionalities that ensure your data is secure and protected, and you are GDPR-compliant.

Data protection functionalities of Exchange Reporter Plus

1. Password expiration notification

The administrator account will be prompted by Exchange Reporter Plus to change their passwords every 45 days.

2. Controlled access for delegated roles

Decide if technicians can export Exchange Reporter Plus' reports to specified destination folders or not. 

3. Masking of important data

Exchange Reporter Plus masks important information such as storage paths, and mail and proxy server IP addresses partially.

4. Audit technician activity

Track technician activity, including their user name, IP address, reports exported, and the time at which they were exported. 

5. Password complexity rules

Enforce password complexity rules while creating new administrators and operators.

6. Log and folder paths masking

Exchange Reporter Plus does not directly show database or log paths and other folder paths in its interface. You can view this data only on demand.

7. Password protection for exported data

Set a password for exported data to protect it better and improve security.


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