How to configure the mail server in Exchange Reporter Plus

In Exchange Reporter Plus, you need to configure an email server to get real-time alerts and notifications about configured actions. Scheduled reports can also be sent to the admin's email address through the configured email server at periodic intervals.

Steps to configure mail server in Exchange Reporter Plus:

  1. Go to Settings tab on the top pane.
  2. Navigate to Admin >Server Settings.
  3. You can toggle between the Mail Settings and SMS Settings option.
  4. Note: Exchange Reporter Plus can send notifications not just via emails but also through SMS. Choose which server (email or SMS) you want to configure. You can configure both servers also.

A. Steps for configuring mail server:

  1. Enter the Name or IP address of your email server.
  2. Enter the Port number.
  3. The From Address by default is, but you can also change the address and provide the credentials of another email server if required.
  4. Enter the Admin Mail Address to which you want to send the notifications. You can enter more than one email address (separated by commas).Use the Test mail option to confirm if it works.
  5. Choose the type of connection and enter the authentication credentials if the SMTP email server requires one.
  6. Choose from the set of options available under Notification Settings as you desire.
  7. Click on Save Settings.


B. Steps for configuring SMS server:

  1. Enter the type of SMS service provider (GSM Modem or HTTPS, SMTP, SMPP under custom option).
  2. Choose a HTTP Method (Get or Post).
  3. Enter the HTTP URL and Parameters.
  4. If you wish you can also select a Response Type and enter a suitable message for that action.
  5. Under Advanced Settings, you can enter the HTTP Request Headers and Convert the Message into Unicode if you wish to.
  6. Use the Send Test SMS option to check if the configured server works properly.
  7. Click on Save Settings.


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