How does Interface Status Polling work ?

OpManager monitors the availability of the interface and generates Up/Down alerts if the interface status poll is enabled.  The availability of the interface is decided by the Admin/Operational of the particular interface.

What is the severity for Admin/ Operation down status

Admin Status Operation Status Severity
Down Any (Up / Down / Testing / Unknown / Dowmant / Not present) Critical
Up Down Trouble
Up Testing / Unknown / Not present Attention
Up Up Clear

If you want only the interface traffic monitoring & not the up / down status, disable the status polling option for the interface

Possible values for Admin status 

Admin status Explanation
Up Interface is up
Down Interface is down
Testing No operational packets can be passed

Possible values for Operation status 

Oper status Explanation
Up Ready to pass packets
Down Can't pass packets
Testing No operational packets can be passed
Unknown Status cannot be determined for some reason
Dormant Interface is waiting for external actions
Not Present Some component is missing. Typically hardware

You can configure the violation severity of the ineterfaces by defining the severity levels of the admin and operation status under Settings -> Configuration -> Interface Templates.

Note: Interface Status polling works only if the parent device is in Managed state. You can also disable it under Inventory -> Monitoring -> Interfaces. Learn more.

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