Why are some interfaces in the unmanaged state?

An interface may be in the unmanaged state due to the following reasons:

Unmanaged manually

Cause: The user would have manually chosen to unmanage the interface/device.

Solution: Managing and unmanaging of devices can be done individually or in bulk. To unmanage/manage devices in bulk, go to Settings -> Configuration -> Quick Configuration Wizard -> Manage/Unmanage. Select the set of devices and perform the necessary action. You can also perform the same action for individual devices from their respective snapshot pages.

The selected interface may be a subinterface

Cause: The discovered/listed interface may be a subinterface. A subinterface is a virtual interface created by dividing one physical interface into multiple logical interfaces. A subinterface in a router uses the parent physical interface for sending and receiving data.

Solution: As of now, OpManager does not manage those interfaces which are listed as sub-interfaces. These interfaces will only be shown as unmanaged.

Parent/dependent device may be down

Cause: The parent/dependent device may be down or associated with an active Device Downtime Schedule. If the dependent device is associated with a downtime schedule (or unmanaged manually), the child device and its interfaces will also be moved to unmanaged state for that particular period.

Solution: Remove the particular device from the Downtime Schedule to start monitoring the interface.

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