Powering educational institutions to achieve IT success

Powering educational institutions to achieve IT success

Learning and teaching are no longer confined to the classroom. Virtual classrooms, recorded demos and lectures, and immersive learning apps are now the norm. To keep up with these changing times, IT operations must focus on providing teachers and students with reliable, consistent, and timely services and support. Advanced IT analytics provides educational institutions visibility into their IT infrastructure such as usage, problems, defects, wastage, and overuse, offering actionable insights to remedy problems and amplify benefits.

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Applications of advanced IT data analytics in education

Ensure 24/7 availability of your institution's infrastructure

Analyze historical trends in uptime and downtime of servers, networks, applications, and devices. Drill-down to discover and troubleshoot root causes. Replace problematic or worn-out tech, schedule periodic maintenance, and share load with in-house or cloud servers depending on academic traffic trends.

Ensure 24/7 availability with IT analytics

Provide personalized IT services

Build reusable playbooks for known and recurring issues. Automate repetitive and monotonous tasks. Troubleshoot process-level bottlenecks and streamline operations. This helps technicians provide quick, effective remedies, turning users' IT issues into positive interactions.

Provide better IT services with IT analytics software

Plan IT budgets based on data

Is it cheaper to switch to a cloud server? Are the networks ready to support traffic surges? Are in-house servers more secure for storing student data and test scores? Is there need for additional applications? Get answers to these questions and more, and base your budget proposal on data, not a hunch.

Plan budgets using IT analytics for education

Optimize resource utilization

Improve overall performance and efficiency of infrastructure equipment by optimizing usage. For instance, ensure your servers have enough storage and operational memory to support varying data loads. Explore virtualization options to reduce costs and deliver exceptional services to students and teachers.

Optimize resource utilization using capacity planning

Predict infrastructure failure in advance

Analyze historical downtime to understand underlying conditions or problems that led to equipment failure. Use scenario planning to simulate similar or near-similar situations when equipment is likely to fail. Create alerts to catch such impending failures, and stay one step ahead of downtime.

Predict failure with advanced IT analytics software

Secure student and staff data

Plan and schedule software upgrades, security patches, and configuration checks, so that there's increased security and least interruption to day-to-day work. Gain insight into possible security loopholes and fortify your defenses to offer the best protection from cyberattackers.

Ensure data security with IT data analytics software

Key features of Analytics Plus, the IT analytics software for educational institutions

Analytics Plus is an AI-enabled IT analytics software that can ingest large volumes of data from several business and IT applications and produce impactful reports in a matter of seconds. This cuts down the time it takes to go from data to decisions, enabling IT leaders in the education sector to provide the best IT services to their staff.

Augmented analytics

Get automated insights by asking questions. No query skills needed.

Multi-source data import

Import data from IT or business apps, local or cloud databases, cloud drives.

Data blending

Blend data from multiple tables using relational data modeling.

Predictive analytics

Input leading and lagging factors, and predict the future with certainty.

Data snapshots

Snapshot changes in data for future analysis and reporting.

Threshold-based alerts

Catch changes in your data with real-time notifications.

In-app report commenting

Tag other users and have meaningful discussions to improve IT services.

Ensure security

End-to-end data encryption to ensure total security.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps