Powering banking institutions to achieve IT success

Powering banking institutions to achieve IT success using data analytics

For an industry where 80% of all transactions occur online, banking institutions must provide fast, reliable, and consistent customer service across web and mobile touchpoints. So, it's important to have a solid IT infrastructure that can withstand drastic fluctuations in user traffic. Analytics Plus is an IT analytics solution that helps IT leaders understand their network and app usage patterns and empowers them with insights to support a growing user base so that no user is left unhappy.

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How can data analytics help banking institutions achieve IT success?

Accelerating digitization and modernization plans with accurate insights

Banking institutions that are phasing out of legacy systems need a differentiated digital strategy and the insights to gain a competitive advantage. Analytics Plus empowers these institutions with mission-critical information on system architecture, relationships, and usage to upgrade their banking infrastructure and complete transformation initiatives faster.

Accelerating digitization and modernization plans using IT data analytics

Ensuring 24/7 availability of banking services with effective risk management

It's critical for the banking industry to ensure round-the-clock uptime to serve its customers. IT leaders can achieve this by correlating application, network, server, and configuration management data, in order to identify systems that are at risk of failing. They can use this information to effectively mitigate risk, and shift workloads to back-up servers, to ensure 24/7 availability.

Ensuring 24/7 service availability with IT data analytics for banking

Delivering real-time, actionable insights for preventive maintenance

Banks can leverage analytics to peruse historical data and set up early-warning system alerts when infrastructure equipment is likely to fail or when incidents are likely to occur. Technicians can proactively run maintenance checks, fix broken tech, and prevent downtime.

Real-time, actionable insights for banking

Managing customer expectation through user behavior and form analytics

Analytics Plus offers over 200 out-of-the-box integrations with leading IT and business apps, accompanied by pre-built dashboards that offer in-depth insight into user expectations and behavior. Analytics Plus also connects with any application or data source through APIs and data connectors to enable users to gain deeper insights into customer data. This can help banks deliver personalized services and solutions to customers to build loyalty and trust, such as investment recommendations, financial suggestions, or smart budgeting tips.

Managing customer expectations using IT data analytics

Predicting workloads for investing in IT infrastructure

Financing the next generation of banking infrastructure requires long-term forecasting and scenario planning. Analytics Plus enables CTOs to leverage predictive analytics to architect growth by predicting workloads and infrastructure needs for each branch office. It also helps analyze synthetic testing data to catch problems in current systems and orchestrate ways to eliminate problems by investing in new technology.

Smart IT investment using data analytics for banking

Maximizing performance and optimizing processes for increased agility

To become more resilient, proactive, and swift, IT divisions of banks need to become more agile. Analytics Plus enables IT leaders to correlate thousands of data points to paint a visual of how people and processes hold up against intense workloads. This helps them to identify weak process gaps, skill gaps, and problems in automation, enabling them to rectify these issues and pave the way for faster disaster recovery.

Maximizing performance and optimizing processes for banking

6 ways banks can leverage IT analytics and increase growth

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Key features of Analytics Plus, the banking analytics solution

From providing insights on network and application security to ensuring 24/7 service availability, Analytics Plus is fortified with augmented analytics to equip everyone in the organization to effortlessly gain the insights they need to deliver outstanding banking services.

Rich visual analysis

Transition from data to dashboards and glean mission-critical insights, all in seconds.

AI-driven insights

Know which services are offline and why, just by asking Zia questions. Zia can also provide narrative insights into problems and offer clues to solve them.

Real-time alerts

Be the first to know when services go offline, users deviate from standard logon patterns, or when infrastructure struggles to manage user requests.

Scenario planning

Plan how robust your infrastructure and services need to be to support growing user demands amid internal environmental changes.

Data blending

Measure how various IT streams are correlated, such as service and security, security and ITOps, projects and IT services, and more.

In-app collaboration

Contextually collaborate with your team wherever they are, and discuss topics like improving uptime and keeping banking services online 24/7.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps