Analytics Plus, the unified IT analytics platform

Unify fragmented ITOps to improve business outcomes

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Gain control over IT

Eliminate blindspots and get complete visibility into all of IT. Visualize interrelations among events, changes, incidents, and alarms from multiple IT sub-departments, and see how they impact business services.

Unified IT analytics gives you the ability to:

  • Eliminate recurring incidents, and reduce MTTR with quick and accurate diagnosis of network, application, or infrastructure problems.

  • Accelerate digital transformation and optimize IT infrastructure for the future without creating disruptions.

  • Combat threats with real-time insight into anomalous behavior and endpoint vulnerabilities.

  • Optimize technician workloads so they're available to tackle high-priority security threats, apply patches, and attend to vulnerabilities.

Enable observability using IT data analytics software

Reduce operational costs

Do away with knee-jerk cost-cutting and embrace data-backed, strategic cost-cutting techniques that enhance productivity and efficiency while ensuring quality of services and operations.

Unified IT analytics enables you to:

  • Weed out process-level inefficiencies and replace them with streamlined workflows.

  • Implement automation for redundant and repetitive tasks, and save on manual labor.

  • Proactively plan maintenance and prevent breakdowns and downtime, saving on break-fix costs.

  • Right-size and upskill IT staff so they can help improve MTTR and MTBR.

Enable observability using IT data analytics software

Align IT with business

Without the right metrics and KPIs, IT often struggles to demonstrate its contributions towards business goals and strategic objectives such as IT modernization; cost-effectiveness; and improved productivity, revenue, and ROI.

Unified IT analytics helps demonstrate how IT efforts have helped:

  • Stop outages and increase the uptime of business services by predicting and troubleshooting bottlenecks.

  • Improve employee productivity by providing reliable, stable, and consistent IT services.

  • Increase the ROI on IT investments by simplifying operations, improving operational efficiency, and eliminating recurring problems.

  • Modernize IT operations by rapidly adopting hybrid or multi-cloud architecture, and by implementing cutting-edge applications and solutions.

Enable observability using IT data analytics software

Break free of silos and get unified insight into IT.

Visualize the impact of ITOps across business functions.

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Why IT needs a unified analytics solution?

Enable observability using IT data analytics software

The problem with disjointed IT operations

Fragmented IT operations help NOC and SOC heads, service owners, project leaders, and solution implementors make decisions that improve their own operations but contribute little to achieving business objectives.

Unifying IT gives themas well as senior folks like CTOs, directors, and VPsvisibility into IT, enabling them to align IT operations with business objectives, and improves business outcomes, cost effectiveness, and profitability.

Unifying fragmented ITOps using Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus unifies IT operations, IT services, security, endpoint management, network and application management, project management, and more with a single, scalable, and flexible (cloud and on-premises) analytics platform. This empowers mid-level, senior-level, and CXO-level folks to align IT operations to achieve powerful outcomes.

Why choose Analytics Plus as your unified IT analytics platform?

Analytics Plus gives organizations the ability to collate, analyze, and derive data-driven insights from their IT data. This enables them to improve service availability, reduce operational costs, accelerate digitization efforts, and align IT with business objectives.

Analyze any data, anywhere

Collect data from any IT application, local or cloud database, drives, local feeds, files or servers, using ready-to-use integrations, live connectors, or APIs. Flexible deployment options such as on-premises or cloud enable you to connect to any data, regardless of where it is.

Augmented analytics

Talk to our built-in conversational assistant to create visualizations, drill down, and gain in-depth insights. Better yet, let our AI interpret your reports and provide narrative insights and recommendations to improve your processes.

Forecasting engines

Envision the future and plan out strategies by inputting multiple variables to visualize their impact on outcomes. Plan and prepare to achieve desired targets using "what-if" scenario planning.

AI and machine learning

Use pattern matching, anomaly detection, data blending, and data correlation to detect problems, understand their impact, identify the root cause, and gain insight to eliminate the problem from your IT environment.

Data security

Besides built-in security features, fine-grained access controls such as report authoring, read-write, read-only, drill-down, and export ensure data security while sharing. Configure periodic emails and receive report updates in your inbox. Set up threshold-based alerts and get notified about changes.