IT analytics software for citizen data scientists

Lower the barriers to meaningfully engaging with data

  • Code-free, self-service analytics
  • AI-driven, narrative insights with natural language support
  • Effortless collaboration
Dashboard for citizen data scientists

In today's business world, being data literate means having the ability to decode data, gather insights, and make data-driven decisions. With Analytics Plus, you can do all this and more at the click of a button. Whether it's about managing the ticket queue, handling alarms, or providing faster solutions, you can explore data and discover solutions for yourself effortlessly.

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How can Analytics Plus help citizen data scientists?

Primarily non-data workers have had to rely on database admins or IT managers to help them understand their contribution to the business. Analytics Plus enables non-data workers to engage and interact with data meaningfully, and extrapolate their contribution in the business context. This enables them to have meaningful conversations with stakeholders.

Unify IT data using Analytics Plus

Create a single source of truth

Bring data from disparate locationslike local files and feeds, local and cloud databases, and cloud drivesthen blend this data with application, network, and endpoint monitoring data, as well as data from other IT or business applications such as ServiceNow, Jira, Zendesk, Ivanti, Splunk, Appdynamics, QuickBooks, Xero, or Stripe.

Solve problems using IT data analytics software

Solve problems using data

Drill-down, drill-out, slice, dice, and dissect data to get to the root cause of day-to-day problems, with just a few clicks. Analytics Plus' zero-code platform means you get all the insights you need, just by asking a few questions. No technical expertise required.

Suggest new initiatives IT data analytics for data scientists

Suggest new initiatives

Know a way to reduce ticket transfers? Or increase ticket churn? Enlist the help of data to pitch your case and propose a solution to your superiors. Bring your bottom-up perspective to the table and present ideas to improve IT operations at the ground level.

Discover and predict trends IT analytics software for data scientists

Discover and predict trends

Uncover trends in common performance metrics and KPIs. Predict how these trends are likely to change in the future, and come up with solutions on how to improve KPIs and attain pre-defined targets regardless of environmental changes.

IT analytics software to help you stay on top of changes

Stay on top of changes

Catch changes in your data instantly, including spikes, dips, and moving trendlines. Leverage the built-in AI assistant, Zia, to get an explanation for the changes by correlating data from several sources. Perform further analysis to understand the root cause of changes better.

IT analytics software for data scientists to contextually collaborate with superiors

Contextually collaborate with superiors

Tag your managers in reports and dashboards and contextually discuss things like ticket volume in a period, average time to close tickets, and tickets by priority, impact, and urgency. Share reports for wider reach via emails, publishing, slideshows, and exports such as PDF or XLS.

Here's what you can do with Analytics Plus, the IT analytics software for data explorers


Build visualizations, apply formulas, blend data, and effortlessly explore data by yourself.


Discover answers, strategies, and tactics that can put you on the fast track to success.


Become a pathfinder, and discover new ways of tackling everyday problems.


Connect and collaborate with peers and tell your data story with vivid, graphic visuals.

Why is Analytics Plus the perfect IT analytics solution for citizen data scientists?

Plug, play, and architect powerful reports and dashboards from day one. No BI or data science knowledge required. Use code-free drag-and-drop report builder to perform end-to-end analytics.

  • 200+ data connectors
  • 600+ prebuilt reports and KPIs
  • Augmented insights
  • No-code analytics platform
  • Threshold-based data alerts
  • Trend forecasting
  • Data blending
  • Secure sharing and collaboration

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