Build a robust defense strategy and secure your privileged accounts using analytics

Track, detect, and investigate norms and anomalies, and secure your privileged accounts from internal and external threats.

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Fast-track threat detection by establishing trends and anomalies

  • Profile users
    by behavior

    Build personas for users and devices based on logon time, duration, and frequency along with users' geographies, access levels, or devices.

  • Reduce response
    time to anomalies

    Use device and user personas to create real-time alerts to know when users or devices stray from profiled behavior.

  • Ensure total
    device security

    Monitor hierarchical relations between accounts, users, and passwords of individual and shared accounts to ensure their security.

Reduce risks and ensure compliance


Analytically monitor all activities

Analyze log data to keep tabs addition, deletion, and transfer of resources to help you map accounts and users in case of anomalies.


Spot and stop threat actors

Investigate logon activities across accounts. Identify, prioritize, and prevent threat events from occurring using risk scores.


Ensure regulatory compliance

Routinely assess password usage on privileged and shared accounts to ensure compliance with organizational and governmental regulations.


Reduce your attack surface proactively

Predict accounts or users that are likely to become vulnerable due to password expiration and proactively update passwords.

Run postmortem analysis of past threats

  • Dissect past

    Investigate security incidents to identify actions or behaviors that created loop holes in your security perimeter and fix those flaws.

  • Repair, review, and renew
    your defense strategy

    Get real-time information about the composition of cybersecurity threats, and instantly repair or renew your defense strategy to strengthen your security.

  • Look beyond obvious

    Evolve from the typical see-threats-stop-threats monitoring approach to proactively preventing them by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of users and accounts.

AI-enabled security intelligence

With AI-enabled analytics, security leaders and IT teams can gain insights into privileged account access, and detect, dissect, and take action on anomalous user and entity behavior—without relying heavily on data experts, which can inadvertently delay the threat-detection and response.

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Organizations that use analytics witness

  • 56% increase in security for employees working from home

  • 47% increase in effectively monitoring employee activities.

  • 31% increase in adoption of Zero Trust.

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Analytics Plus has helped increase our service desk productivity and overall responsiveness. We are now able to respond to incidents and service requests faster, resolve more requests, and continuously improvise our processes."

David Whitfield, IT customer services manager, F4 IT Services

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