IT analytics for healthcare: Support core medical staff in their efforts to deliver better patient outcomes

IT analytics for healthcare: Support core medical staff in their efforts to deliver better patient outcomes

The need for healthcare analytics

Healthcare organizations have always been under pressure to cut operational costs, improve coordination, and deliver better outcomes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, critical equipment suddenly became scarce, demand for patient care skyrocketed, and it was impossible for organizations to predict or prepare for emergencies. During this chaos, data analytics for healthcare emerged to enable organizations to make life-saving decisions. Post-lockdown, healthcare IT analytics can be extrapolated to leverage technology to improve patient care at optimum costs.

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Applications of IT data analytics in healthcare

Increase operating speed and adaptability

Resolve end users' technical issues quickly. Identify and remedy lags in the ticket resolution process such as manual approvals or frequent ticket transfers. Gather key insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your support staff, and upskill them quickly to tackle sudden surges in ticket volume.

Streamline IT operations using IT analytics for healthcare

Ensure 24/7 service availability

Closely track the usage of cloud, in-house, and hybrid infrastructure, and ensure the availability of storage and operational memory to effectively host critical applications around the clock. Build personas for user segments based on busy and lean periods in network usage, and ensure 99.9% uptime of networks at all times.

Ensure 24/7 availability of IT services with IT data analytics

Improve ROI and revenue on infrastructure assets

Demonstrate the ROI of IT operations by comparing IT budgets spent against quality of services delivered, decrease in downtime, increase in service quality, decrease in MTTR, and increase in end-user satisfaction ratings. Leverage healthcare analytics to increase ROI against every dollar spent.

Increase ROI on healthcare infrastructure with IT analytics

Secure data and reduce fraud

Monitor patterns in data access, sharing, and privileged account use, and get early warning signs of changes in patient record access patterns. Calculate the real-time risk scores of personnel's (doctors, medical and support staff) corporate and BYOD devices, and seal security gaps with effective patching. Ensure compliance with internal, local, and federal laws.

Secure patient data with IT data analytics for healthcare

Guide future strategy

Leverage built-in predictive models to forecast equipment and personnel requirements based on patient inflow. Use this info to plan IT budget proposals for the future. Plan digitization and modernization strategies so your organization can smoothly transition from paper to digital modes of patient care.

Map strategies using IT data analytics software

Expedite decision-making

Notice a spike in operational costs or a decline in user satisfaction rating? Quickly tag relevant members of your team and decide contextually, from within reports, on how to deliver better IT services in less time.

Make quality decisions using IT data analytics

Benefits of AI in IT analytics for healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for healthcare IT analytics has made it possible to analyze enormous volumes of raw data and turn it into actionable insights for both clinical and operational improvementswith minimal human effort. AI-driven insights can also provide contextual relevance to problems and suggest remedial measures.

Benefits of AI in IT analytics for healthcare
  • Deliver quick, error-free services
  • Reduce data security risks
  • Provide contextual event correlations
  • Cut down operational expenses
  • Improve the patient healthcare experience
  • Bring about sustainable change
  • Increase the ROI of IT efforts

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Key features of Analytics Plus, the healthcare analytics software

Analytics Plus is an AI-enabled healthcare analytics application that can unify large volumes of healthcare data and generate key insights that can be applied to deliver better quality patient care and ensure seamless availability of services.

Augmented analytics

Get insights in natural language. Zero reporting skills required.

Multi-source data import

Over 200 data sources such as IT apps, cloud databases, and cloud drives.

Data blending

Merge data on people and equipment to create unified dashboards.

Predictive analytics

Predict the future. plan and prepare achieve targets using 'what-if' analysis.

Data snapshots

Snapshot changes in data for future analysis and reporting.

Threshold-based alerts

Know what changed in your data with real-time notifications.

In-app report commenting

Discuss contextually with peers from within reports and dashboards.

Ensure security

End-to-end data encryption, ensuring total security.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps