Increase profitability with IT analytics for manufacturing

Increase profitability with IT analytics for manufacturing

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the manufacturing industry has an abundance of real-time data. Analytics Plus enables you to leverage this data to detect issues in processes and equipment, drive down operating expenses, increase efficiency and throughput, and reduce risks and downtime.

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How can manufacturing organizations benefit from advanced IT analytics?

Increase throughput and boost profitability

Improve reliability of machines and provide employees with an interruption-free work environment. Real-time performance visualizations makes it possible to keep track of infrastructure. Real-time, rule-based alerts make it possible to address malfunctioning or poorly-functioning infrastructure instantly.

Boost profitability using IT analytics software

Streamline workflows and deliver faster fixes

Many businesses in the manufacturing industry can lose millions of dollars for each minute that equipment or tools are down. IT service management teams can minimize this loss by streamlining service operations and eliminating lag. Analytics Plus makes this possible by offering complete visibility into processes from start to finish and highlighting any bottlenecks.

Streamline manufacturing operations with IT analytics

Optimize infrastructure usage and decrease overheads

Analyze historical usage of infrastructure, including servers and data centers (both on-premises and in the cloud), networks, and endpoints, as well as machinery and tools used in production. Ensure these assets are used optimally by assigning the right workloads for each asset.

Decrease overheads using IT analytics software

Predict faults and plan preventive maintenance

Frequent breakdowns on the shop floor don't have to be the norm. Analytics Plus' AI and machine learning algorithms can determine the causes that led to earlier breakdowns, factor in current parameters, and predict when machines are likely to break down. This can help staff plan preventive maintenance or replacement of machines.

Forecast equipment failure using IT analytics for manufacturing

Foresee demand and plan infrastructure

Align all critical factors that determine growthmarket demand for end product, business goals, and technological developmentsto predict infrastructure requirements and make smart purchase decisions to build smarter, more scalable factories.

Predict infra requirements for manufacturing

Create robust, digital factories using automation

Marry IT data with IoT data from sensors, manufacturing equipment, and tools. Get contextual insights into manufacturing systems and processes in real time. Replace redundant technologies or processes with automation, and turn your factories into highly-efficient digital production zones.

Digitize manufacturing ops using IT analytics software

What makes Analytics Plus the best advanced analytics software for the manufacturing industry?

With Analytics Plus, you don't have to use multiple tools to keep track of your infrastructure. Easily connect to multiple applications, local and cloud databases, cloud drives, and other data sources using 200+ connectors. Merge IT and IoT data, then effortlessly draw conclusions based on powerful insights.

Augmented analytics:

Use AI-driven visualizations and narrative insights to make informed decisions.

Data blending

Merge data from multiple apps and get complete visibility into operations.

Role-based dashboards

Build custom dashboards with metrics relevant to specific roles or functionalities.

Real-time alerts

Leverage threshold-based alerts to catch changes in your data instantly.

Trend forecasting

Predict the future with confidence and alter it by planning course corrections.

Real-time collaboration

Keep stakeholders in the loop, and make fast, powerful decisions together as a team.

Scenario planning

Analyze all possible scenarios and prepare to achieve desired results.

Data snapshots

Capture and save changes in data for future reference and analysis.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps