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Gain actionable insights into your IT data and confidently streamline processes with IT operational analytics tool.

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Optimize infrastructure usage with IT operational analytics

  • Manage hybrid

    Track availability, uptime, usage, performance, and responsiveness using infrastructure-specific dashboards.

  • Gain 360-degree

    Monitor critical KPIs and metrics for all cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures using unified single-pane dashboards.

  • Reduce cloud

    Compare cloud service requirements against use and plan capacity efficiently so that you pay only for what you use.

  • Predict infrastructure

    Analyze usage patterns; predict server requirements; and ensure continuous service availability regardless of surges.

Use cases for ITOps analytics


Reduce alarm noise

Eliminate the flood of alarms from multiple monitoring systems. Unify alarm information and set up meaningful, threshold-based alerts, and get notified in real time.

Event triage using IT operational analytics

Reduce MTTR by 40%

Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) from hours to minutes; analyze application unavailability, network latency, jitters, and packet loss in real time to identify what's slowing in your networks.

ITOps analytics to reduce MTTR

Fast-track incident investigation

Is it the apps? Or the network? Speed up incident investigation with ML and AI-aided analytics.

Quicken incident investigation with ITOps analytics tool

Increase agent productivity

Secure sharing and real-time collaboration enables agents to discuss issues and opportunities instantly saving hours of their time.

Increase productivity with IT operational analytics

Cut down incident volume using analytics for IT operations

  • Predict downtime

    Visually track anomalies and trends, predict when services are likely to fail, and apply remedies to prevent downtime.

  • Prevent incidents from recurring

    AI-enabled historical incident investigation identifies recurring incidents, pinpoints root causes, and aids in streamlining operations to eliminate recurring incidents.

  • Prepare to tackle incidents

    Use ML-based algorithms to correlate surges in alarm volumes with underlying incidents, and reroute issues to the correct agent for swift resolutions.

  • Plan infrastructure maintenance to minimize business impact

    Run simulations of multiple scenarios to identify the right time for infra maintenance so minimal service interruption result.

AI-enabled analytics

Analytics Plus' AI-enabled analytics assistant, Zia, provides an effortless, query-free, and hands-free analytics experience for agents and staff across ITOps. Zia empowers them with the ability to spot patterns, anomalies, and outliers, and troubleshoot problems in seconds.

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