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AI-powered analytics/augmented analytics

Augmented analytics

Save time gathering insights, and focus on turning those insights action with Zia your own AI assistant from Analytics Plus. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, Zia understands user questions and provides instant responses in the form of insightful reports and dashboards.

  • Code-free analytics

    All the insight you need, just a command away! Use voice or text-based commands and enjoy a code-free report building experience.

  • Smart suggestions

    Get contextual inputs when you type or ask questions, so it's easy to fine-tune your questions and narrow down the results.

  • Adaptive learning

    Zia can continuously learn and adapt to suit your reporting requirements. You can also teach Zia to understand technical jargon native to your industry.

  • Auto analysis of data

    Auto-analyze any data set imported into Analytics Plus, and generate reports and dashboards with a single click.

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AI-powered analytics

Predictive analysis

Still relying on gut instincts to make decisions? With Analytics Plus' predictive capabilities, you can easily determine whether you need to increase or decrease your IT budget in line with expected changes in resource and asset requirements. View infographic.

  • Forecast resource requirements

    Accurately predict and plan resource requirements based on technological trends, organization growth, attrition rates, and user requirements.

  • Plan IT asset expenditure

    Confidently plan your IT budget by predicting changes in headcount, the total useful life of assets, and upcoming technology changes that might require massive organization-wide changes.

  • Orchestrate security updates

    Spot potential areas of vulnerability in your systems, and plan security patches to cut down reaction time to threats.

  • Optimize service processes for CSI

    Unearth insights into process gaps, predict technician behavior, and tailor your processes for continuous service improvement.

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Predictive analysis

Out-of-the-box integrations with top IT applications

Many IT applications, one analytics solution. Get a bird's eye view into your systems, applications, networks, and operations with out-of-the-box integrations. Make better, faster decisions with real-time data and analysis.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps

Eliminate blind spots and gain 360-degree visibility into your IT.

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Out-of-the-box integrations

Marketplace app integrations

Analytics Plus is the trusted marketplace partner for popular IT applications.

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Marketplace app integrations

Multi-source data import

Don't let data silos prevent you from getting insights. Analytics Plus imports data from a variety of local files, cloud sources, and databases to help you get a unified view of your IT ecosystem.

Multi-source data import

Data blending

Easily establish relationships between data from various sources and applications. Perform cross-functional analytics by combining data from IT operations, help desks, endpoint management applications, and more.

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Unified IT analytics

Blend data from several IT applications into a single console for unified reporting and analysis.

Relational data modelling

Apply correlation logic to join tables with common columns and get a coordinated view of two or more tables.

High-octane formula engine

Borrow from a rich library of mathematical, statistical, and logical functions to build calculated metrics and KPIs.

Advanced analytics features

With the right information, your team can work wonders! Enable your team to research historical data for cognitive insights. Empower them to generate instant reports upon import, saving them time and effort.

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Data alerts

Configure threshold-based alerts and execute corrective action anytime a set of predefined conditions are met. E.g., when SLA compliance falls below 95%.

Data snapshots

Capture each transition in your data as a snapshot for future analysis and remediation. Reach back in time and trace the history of incidents and service requests.

Reuse reporting logic

Copy the reporting logic used in a report and apply it to a new dataset in just a click. No need to create reports from scratch!

Visual analysis

Get answers to your questions faster. From simple pie charts to heat maps and geo charts, create engaging visualizations that reveal hidden insights on your data. Interact with your visuals, and drill deeper into trends, anomalies, and outliers.

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Drag-and-drop UI

Creating visualizations just got simpler! Just drag and drop fields into the report builder, and watch Analytics Plus build your visuals for you.

Smart interactions

Give life to your reports with powerful interactions. View underlying data, drill down to view specifics, and get the insights you need without creating multiple reports.

Variety of visualizations

Choose from over 40 visualization types to represent your data. Switch visualizations on the fly.

Customizable dashboards

Do away with slides. Present compelling data stories using layout-free dashboards. Add charts, pivots, and widgets; insert images; add text; and more.

Sharing and collaboration

Change the way you connect with your team. Share performance updates, tag other users, and alert them of exposed security vulnerabilities. Mail reports as PDFs or images, create slideshares, and engage in meaningful conversations with your team regardless of where they are.

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Report commenting

Collaboration just got a whole lot easier with Analytics Plus. Tag DRIs to inquire about trends or anomalies, and have contextual conversations about burning problems.

Fine-grained access control

Maintain control over who sees what with access permission ranging from read-only, read-write, report authoring, drill-down, export, and full ownership rights.

Embedded analytics

Unlock the gateway to insights. Embed reports and dashboards in other applications, intranet portals, forums, and websites, and share insights with end users, partners, vendors, or customers.

Email schedules

Schedule reports and dashboards to reach your inbox directly. Create groups by designation, zone, or access levels, and schedule periodic updates to their inboxes.

Other sharing options

Print out reports or dashboards for a good old-fashioned drawing board discussion. Create slideshows, and impress your audience with persuasive stories.