Turn to project data to maximize productivity and boost revenue

Troubleshoot problems, improve performance and efficiency, and empower your teams to take up new and challenging projects to boost revenue.

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Perfect project planning

  • Learn from
    past mistakes

    Analytically observe historical project data to understand how forecasts have failed in practice and use the insight to make better projections for your projects.

  • Create better
    project strategies

    Forecast project outcomes after considering budgets, resources, and productivity rates, and choose the best plan that aligns with your goals.

  • Predict and
    prevent risks

    Factor in delays and varying levels of user productivity to create highly resilient, responsive, and adaptive project management strategies.

  • Optimize sprints

    Compare your project plans against benchmarks to visualize when and where projects may derail, and optimize workflows for maximum efficiency.

Maximize productivity


Streamline work and remove friction

Apply analytics to spot and remove fundamental complexities within the project, install controls, and implement best practices.


Create focused teams

Compare contributions by users with goals achieved, and discover ways to improve project outcomes and team throughput.


Eliminate skill gaps

Identify, engage with, and motivate users to close skill gaps created by new technology, and ensure they always deliver peak performance.


Enhance productivity

Empower each team member to view their contributions to the overall projects, view goals, and gain insight to projects that can help maximize their productivity.

Invent new revenue streams

  • Deliver more projects on time

    Discover sustainable ways your team can balance more work and ensure on-time delivery by analyzing critical project metrics and KPIs for multiple projects.

  • Improve the quality of deliverables

    Effectively manage different teams, approvers, budgets, and expectations; reduce workload, improve processes, and enhance project outcomes.

  • Create profit centers

    Get motivated and discover new opportunities that your team can take up, or innovate new ways to execute existing projects with minimal risk and effort.

  • Make strategic decisions

    Move away from gut-feeling-fueled decisions and upgrade to real-time project analytics to make strategic decisions that align project goals with business goals.

AI-driven project analytics

Analytics Plus' AI-driven project analytics enables project managers to combine data from multiple projects and get a comprehensive view of how projects are progressing at a granular level. Automated projections help forecast project outcomes and offer clues to shift the focus back to delivering projects on time. AI-driven analytics enables project managers to save time on analytics and focus on project goals, maximize productivity, and increase revenue.

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Analytics Plus has helped increase our service desk productivity and overall responsiveness. We are now able to respond to incidents and service requests faster, resolve more requests, and continuously improvise our processes."

David Whitfield, IT customer services manager, F4 IT Services

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