IT analytics and BI software for leaders, CIOs, and CTOs

Use data to drive growth and profit. Make impactful decisions, solve problems, and explore opportunities.

  • AI-driven insights
  • Ready-to-use CIO/CTO dashboards
  • Real-time collaboration
CTO/CIO dashboard

As a leader, you have to lead your organization towards growth during challenging times. This requires accurate and lightning-fast decision-making skills. Analytics Plus empowers you with AI-driven insights so you can understand problems in-depth, and come up with creative solutionsall in a matter of minutes. Additionally, Analytics Plus arms you with the foresight to predict and prepare for such challenges ahead.

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How can Analytics Plus help CTOs and business leaders?

With Analytics Plus, you no longer have to rely on data analysts or experts for information. Insights are available with the click of a button, so you can quickly consider multiple factors, and make high-impact decisions about improving service models, increasing productivity, and cutting operational costs.

Become a problem solver using advanced analytics for CTOs

Become a problem solver

Solve any ongoing IT problem by getting complete visibility into your entire tech stack. Using AI-led analytics and automated insights, easily answer questions such as, 'How can we improve revenue?', 'How can we better optimize cloud resource usage and increase service uptime?', and 'How can we prevent customer churn?'.

Deliver exceptional customer services using advanced analytics

Deliver exceptional customer services

Use analytics to decode survey results, turn them into actionable insights, then deliver extraordinary experiences each time they reach out to you. Insights can range from something simple as providing personalized care for each customer or a complete overhaul of workflows to solve user problems creatively.

Predict the future with advanced analytics for CTOs

Foresee opportunities and challenges ahead

Forecast IT budgets using what-if analysis by taking into account evolving technological requirements, end user demands, and organizational goals. Proactively plan whether to keep or upgrade infrastructure by predicting failure using historical performance data.

Identify new revenue sources with advanced analytics

Identify new revenue sources

Facilitate end users with the right technology such as applications and equipment that can help improve their productivity, and in turn increase their overall contribution to revenue. Explore ways to increase ROI by taking up new projects. Streamline operations within IT to eliminate asset wastage, recurring problems, and security incidents, and of which contribute to saving costs.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs

Don't let bloating expenses cut into your profits. Whether it's asset purchases, infrastructure investments, labor costs, new projects expenses, or maintenance costsidentify cost drains and plug them at the earliest. Practice strategic cost-cutting, become leaner in your IT operations, and still deliver exceptional customer service.

Bridge data and people using Analytics Plus

Don't let the data divide rein in your progress. Empower people to analyze data and seek guidance to problems within data. This will lead to better decisions, accelerated success, and increased profits.

Establish a data-driven culture

Empower people to solve their day-to-day problems as a team using analytics.

Create accountability

Let data guide your people to make strategic decisions and drive results.

Modernize operations

Let data analytics be the driver of modernization and digitization in your organization.

Why is Analytics Plus the best software for CTOs?

Analytics Plus is an IT analytics applicationhosted in the cloud or on-premisesthat helps you transform your data into actionable insights using the following features:

Advanced IT analytics software for CTOs
  • Pre-built executive dashboards
  • Augmented insights
  • Trend forecasting
  • What-if analysis
  • 200+ data sources
  • Data blending
  • Real-time collaboration
  • High scalability

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