Powering MSPs (managed service providers) to achieve IT success

Data analytics software for MSPs (managed service providers) to achieve IT success

With thousands of tickets pouring in from your customers, it can be challenging just to meet SLAs, let alone prepare for service improvement or charter business growth. Analytics Plus takes the guess work out of your operations, leaving you with reliable, real-time, and actionable insights into each aspect of IT, such as service, operations, projects, financial management, and more. This allows you to serve even the most demanding customers effortlessly.

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How do MSPs benefit from Analytics Plus?

Converge IT operations under a single pane for faster reporting and analysis

Unify business and IT operations under a single pane with Analytics Plus, and reduce the cost and complexity of checking individual portals for each customer account. Track critical metrics and KPIs pertinent to each account using unified dashboards, and forgo the hassle of frequent switching between apps.

Unified IT operations dashboard for MSP

Identify opportunities for growth, diversification, and avenues for cost-cutting

Trim service processes to promote higher efficiency and reduce operational expenses strategically using analytics. Understand how your revenue is split. Discover your most profitable customers and ensure your technicians are focusing on them. Explore new service offerings to increase revenue such as AI as a service, security solutions, IoT development, digital infrastructure management, and more.

Grow and diversify revenue sources with data analytics for MSPs

Streamine service processes and ensure compliance with SLAs

Analyze the performance of people and tools to identify gaps that are impacting your overall SLAs. Bridge performance gaps among your technicians, seal process loopholes, and ensure you resolve all incoming tickets well ahead of their SLAs. Make continuous service improvement a reality by performing such checks and balances periodically.

Achieve SLAs and keep customers happy with IT data analytics for MSPs

Ensure security compliance and win customer trust

Use data and prove to your customers how you plan to tackle increasing security threats to their data. Earn your customers' confidence by showcasing your responsiveness and preparedness for any security incident. Demonstrate your compliance with organizational, local, and federal cybersecurity laws using analytics.

Ensure compliance and win customer trust with IT data analytics for MSPs

Manage digitization, modernization, and disaster recovery plans effortlessly

It is never easy to ask your customers to move to a different system architecture, whatever the benefits. Use data to your advantage. Prove to your customers how modernization and digitization can help them manage their workload efficiently, improve response time to incidents, and offer faster disaster recovery in the event of a security threat.

Digitze and modernize IT operations using data analytics for MSPs

Combat risks and deliver projects on time

Achieve desired deliverables and outcomes regardless of internal and external changes by mitigating project and systemic risks. Analyze past project data to identify the root cause of failures, delays, and disruptions, and mitigate them in your current projects. This effectively frees-up project managers from worrying about outcomes and enables them to focus on bringing in new revenue.

Mitigate project risk with IT data analytics software

7 ways MSPs can increase profitability and attain IT success

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Why do you need Analytics Plus?

Managing multiple customer accounts and their revenues can be challenging, particularly if each account has a different set of rules, guidelines, and payment schedules. Analytics Plus provides complete visibility into each account and enables you to manage multiple accounts and their deadlines with threshold-based alerts that help you always stay on top of your game.

Augmented analytics:

Leverage AI to drill deeper into each account's financials, SLAs, and in-house metrics such as productivity, workload, and performance gaps.

Data blending

Blend data from multiple IT and business apps to prove the value of your services to your customers.

Historical snapshots

Capture snapshots of past data changes in tables for future analysis and reporting.

Data alerts

Be the first to know when SLAs are about to be breached or when revenue is below average for the week.

Capacity planning

Foresee business demands and ensure infrastructure is right-sized to meet present and future goals.

Real-time collaboration

Find and share impactful insights, and collaborate with your customers or peers in real time with in-app comments.

Multi-source data import

Import data from various data sources and applications to get a single pane view of your business operations.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Integrate with IT and business applications out of the box with over 800 pre-built reports and dashboards.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps