Comprehensive IT analytics platform for database administrators

Integrate, prepare, blend, and analyze data. Transform data into answers using IT analytics software.

  • 200+ data connectors
  • Powerful analytical engine
  • Sharing, publishing, and collaboration
Database admin's dashboard

As a database administrator, you provide the leadership team with the insights they need to make impactful decisions. For this, you need an analytics solution that's highly integrated, customizable, and features a powerful analytical engine to keep up with your computations. Analytics Plus, hosted in the cloud and on-premises, connects to all your data sources and databases, prepares your data, and delivers insights upon command. It also enables you to share and publish insights securely.

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How can Analytics Plus help database admins achieve their business goals?

With Analytics Plus, you no longer have to rely on data analysts or experts for information. Insights are available with the click of a button, so you can quickly consider multiple factors, and make high-impact decisions about improving service models, increasing productivity, and cutting operational costs.

Unify data for reporting using analytics software for database admins

Integrate with data from across the organization

Effortlessly bring in your data from IT applications using native integrations from databases such as Snowflake, Amazon RDS, and Google BigQuery to cloud drives, web APIs, or local systems using data connectors. Use live connect to bring in real-time data from on-premises and cloud databases to get a unified view of IT.

AI-led analytics software for database admins

Uncover the unknown using AI

Tackle the three major data challengesvolume, velocity, and varietywith AI. Let our AI assistant Zia crunch gigabytes of data in seconds. You can ask Zia questions, receive answers in the form of reports, and add the reports to dashboards. Zia can also provide contextual insights into reports and dashboards, if needed.

Gain insights faster with IT analytics software

Transform data into knowledge

Architect charts that talk to you via interactions such as drill-down, filters, view underlying data, and more. With these, you can delve deeper into data and turn static reports into powerhouses of knowledge.

Analytics software for database admins to discover corelations

Cut across silos and discover data relationships

Bringing data from multiple data sources solves only half of the problem. The other half is blending data from these sources to identify interrelationships. With Analytics Plus, you can join tables using relational data blending and visualize relationships among critical KPIs such as ROI, NPS scores, productivity, cost-per-ticket, infra usage, IT budgets, technician workload, and more.

Enable leaders to attain their goals using IT analytics software

Enable leaders to attain their goals

Adjust multiple parameters to visualize their impact on results, and advise leaders to choose the scenario that will help them meet their targets. You can also leverage scenario planning and trend forecasting to predict which business ventures or investment avenues can help rake in profits.

Data alerts for database admins

Be the first to catch changes in data

With data coming in from all over the organization, it can be difficult to keep track of changes pertinent to each business function, role, or department. Create threshold-based alerts to instantly catch: spikes and dips, changes in trends or step changes, new or lost variables, and changes in total or volatility.

Help leaders make decisions using IT analytics software

Empower leaders with the insights to make decisions

Gathering insights is the first step to making good decisions. Sharing insights to leaders, decision-makers, and senior managers at the right time is the next. Besides sharing reports from within the app and via email, Analytics Plus allows you to tag others and start discussions, attach content, and decide on the next course of actionall from within a report.

Comparing Analytics Plus with other BI apps

Analytics Plus
Analytics Plus
  • Out of the box integrations
    with popular IT apps
  • Built-in domain expertise for
    dealing with complex IT data
  • AI-enabled auto interpretation
    of complex IT data
  • Contextual, real-time,
    threshold-based data alerts
  • High-availability and
  • Custom visualizations such as
    relationship maps and tree maps
  • Embedded security layer to protect
    sensitive IT data
Other BI apps
  • May or may not have
  • Built for generic analytics
    and reporting
  • Basic AI reporting and
  • Generic alerts that lack
    the IT context
  • Offered only by some
    BI vendors
  • Offered only by some
    BI vendors
  • Generic security
    measures for your data
Other BI apps

Why is Analytics Plus the perfect IT analytics solution for database administrators?

Analytics Plus packs in a range of powerful features that help database administrators connect, prepare, blend, and analyze data, and deliver insights with minimal effort.

  • 200+ data connectors
  • Powerful formula engine
  • Contextual data blending
  • Augmented analytics
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Trend forecasting
  • Scenario planning

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