Grow sales exponentially with IT analytics for retail and e-commerce

Grow sales exponentially with IT analytics for retail and e-commerce

The e-commerce and retail industries are going through a paradigm shift due to changing customer dynamics, the emergence of omni-channel touchpoints, and cut-throat competitionall while trying to offset cost-of-revenue with revenue. Advanced analytics for IT operations helps the retail and e-commerce industries gain insights on how to provide seamless, reliable, and hyper-personalized shopping experiences to customers at optimized costs.

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How can retail stores and e-commerce platforms benefit from IT analytics?

Engineer always-on digital platforms

In e-commerce, a minute of downtime means millions of dollars lost in potential sales. Eliminate downtime and ensure around-the-clock availability for servers, networks, and applications by planning proactive maintenance of at-risk systems. Identify and replace problematic infrastructure in time by comparing historical service records against active usage.

Ensure 24/7 business service availability

Align infrastructure expansion with growth plans

Predict the type (cloud, hybrid, on-premises) and quantity of infrastructure required to support your business' expansion and growth plans. Leverage analytics to understand the usage and performance of existing infrastructure, and optimize infrastructure usage to maximize gains on your investment.

Plan infrastructure needs using IT analytics for retail

Engage employees better, and promote inclusive growth

When you take care of your employees, they, in turn, take care of your customers well and help you grow faster. Review your incident management and support processes, and remove barricades to smoother workflow so that your employees get faster incident resolutions and best-in-class services.

Provide better services to end users

Rapidly adopt new technologies to gain a competitive advantage

In a highly competitive landscape, the secret to offering differentiated solutions is adopting newer technologies. This can include technology that allows users to try products virtually or something as simple as supporting a new mode of payment. Advanced analytics can pave the way for faster technology adoption by providing in-depth insights into the new project's risks, impact on other business functions, and ROI.

Gain competitive advantage with IT analytics for retail

Reinvent online shopping experiences for next-gen shoppers

Go beyond managing IT. Leverage analytics to understand user behavior, and bring better visibility into how customers interact with your webpages, apps, and forms. Charter standard and predictable customer journeys to ensure minimal cart abandonment by tracking every move customers make on your website. Rinse and repeat the process until you achieve your desired conversion rates.

Re-invent shopping with IT analytics for ecommerce

What makes Analytics Plus the best analytics software for retail and e-commerce industries?

Analytics Plus connects to multiple IT and business applications. This means that you get in-depth insights into your retail and e-commerce operations in a single pane. This makes it possible to troubleshoot problems easily and create tech-agnostic, outcome-driven digital platforms.

Over 200 connectors

Connect to all your data with ready-made connectors.

Pattern detection

Detect hidden patterns with 60+ visualisation varieties.

Prebuilt reports

Use role-based and problem-focused dashboards to gain instant insights.

Augmented analytics

Use AI-driven recommendations and insights to make decisions.

Data blending

Blend data from multiple tables using relational data modeling.

Trend forecasting

Stay 10 steps ahead of the competition with accurate future predictions.

Data snapshots

Capture changes in your data for future reference and analysis.

In-app collaboration

Use in-app report comments to discuss contextually with your team.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps