Predictive analytics tool to confidently forecast future trends

Get early warnings of IT incidents, foresee problems, discover opportunities, and prepare for the future with Analytics Plus predictive analytics software.

 Predictive analytics with ManageEngine Analytics Plus

Benefits of using predictive analytics software

Ensure uninterrupted services with resource planning

Take into account seasonal factors, holidays, people in remote work locations, and other service ticket trends while planning resource distribution to ensure your end users experience uninterrupted services.

Use predictive analytics to ensure uninterrupted services
 Optimize project plans using predictive analytics tool

Optimize project plans for on-time delivery

Even the best laid project plans can fall apart due to unforeseen circumstances. Quickly map the impact of changes to your project progress, and add additional resources or budgets to complete projects within deadlines using predictive analytics.

Plan IT budgets efficiently

Thoroughly analyze current and anticipated increases in head count, historic asset requests, and useful life of assets to help you forecast asset inventory requirements. Use these insights to make informed budget decisions that don't depend on guesswork.

Use predictive analytics for efficient budget planning
IT service improvement using predictive analytics software

Ensure continuous service improvement

Optimize service processes continuously to ensure they align with business objectives. For instance, predict technician performance and map it against expected request count. Understand how performance gaps can affect business KPIs, and use this knowledge to continuously improve service quality.

Proactively reduce risk to data security

Cyber threats are at an all time high, and this is an additional reason your organization should closely monitor the security status of your endpoints, and proactively apply patches and security updates to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and data leaks.

Reduce data security risks with predictive analytics

Key features of predictive analytics software

Don't just run IT; lead IT. Analytics Plus predictive analytics software comes with a wealth of features that enables IT leaders to proactively foresee problems and threats, discover opportunities, and share these findings with their team, buying them enough time to prepare for upcoming changes.

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"Analytics Plus enables us to predict request volumes and gauge why there's a sudden request inflow. Such insights are truly helpful and ensure we are prepared."

Sathish Kumar, desktop service group manager, Lebara More customer stories >>

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