Gain deeper insight into your IT data with visual analytics

Follow trends, track performance, monitor finances, assess workflows, and drill-down deeper into your using visual analytics.  

Visual analytics tool

Visual analytics software capabilities

Drag, drop, create reports. Simple.

Spend less time creating reports, and focus on taking action on those insights. With an intuitive drag-and-drop report builder, you can create a variety of visualizations in a matter of seconds.

 Create reports using visual analytics tool
visual analytics platform

Choose from a variety of visualizations

Analytics Plus auto-selects the best visualizations for your chart. You can also choose from a stunning repository of more than 40 charts, such as bar, funnel, line, area, bubble, donut, pie, heat maps, histograms, and geo maps. You can also choose tabular views for your data, such as pivot, summary, and query tables.

Interact and explore your reports

Want to learn why there's a spike in backlogs? Hover over your reports to view the figures behind specific anomalies. Click to view underlying data, and drill down to analyze the factors that impact ticket resolution resulting in backlogs. Use smart interactions to gain deeper insights into your data without creating multiple reports.

Interactive visual analytics software
Customizable visual analytics software

Customize dashboards

Add, remove, and resize charts, widgets, images, and text on layout-free dashboards. Use pop-up charts and maximize the view, and open reports on a separate tab for editing while you continue analyzing your dashboards.

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"Analytics Plus makes it easy for us to create reports and dashboards-it's a lot better than pulling data and creating reports manually. And, it allows us to visualize data so beautifully that our clients love it,"

Joshua Koutsoukos, technical services coordinator at Vizstone More customer stories >>

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