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Validate Access

Validate access is a feature to ensure Android Enterprise policies and configurations is pushed only to MDM-enrolled devices. This ensures any device to which the policies and configurations are applied, can be managed at all times. This is applicable only if Android Enterprise has been configured using G Suite.


To enable Validate Access, the following steps are to be completed (Not applicable if you configured the optional part in Step #21)

  1. Login to Google Admin Console.
  2. Navigate to Device Management and select Android settings.
  3. Click on Work Profile.
  4. Select Enforced given under Work profile setup.


The advantages of enforcing this policy are listed below:

  • Automatically installs ME MDM app when the user adds the Corporate Google account in the device through Settings, thus enrolling the device with MDM.
  • Prevents adding the corporate account in the personal space, ensuring confidential corporate data cannot be accessed and/or shared by the other apps.
  • The created account cannot be associated with Play Store, if the user denies the automatic installation.
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