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AirPrint lets you print documents, images etc., from your device, without requiring any special app to be installed on the device. AirPrint uses Wi-Fi to faciliate printing, either on AirPrint-compatible printers or non-compatible shared printers, using a computer running macOS, Windows or Linux.

Profile Description

Profile Specification Description
Host name/IP address Specify the address of the destination printer, which is to be used for printing
Resource Path Specify the resource path associated with the printer. This corresponds to the rp parameter of the _ipps.tcp Bonjour record (Example: ipp/print). Learn more about Resource Path here.
Port Specify the port used for listening by the destination printer. If port is not specified, AirPrint default port is used. versions
Use TLS If enabled, AirPrint connections are secured by Transport Layer Security(TLS).
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