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Enroll Android devices in MDM MSP Cloud

This document explains the various types of enrollment. MDM MSP Cloud provides a wide range of options to enroll mobile devices. Enrollment is the first and the most important stage for managing a mobile device. You have to enroll all the devices, which are to be managed.
There are different types of enrollment, they are explained below.

You can choose to enroll devices in bulk without user intervention and minimum admin action either through Near Field Communication(NFC) or through QR code

Enrollment using Invitation

This is a standard way of enrolling mobile devices. As an administrator, you can send emails, with the link for enrollment. Users can enroll their mobile devices, only if they receive this email. Enrollment invitations can be sent to users manually or by bulk. When you use to manually select a user and send invite, then the enrollment happens only for a single device. You can also choose to send enrollment invitations to multiple users as bulk enrollment.

Enroll single device

The link on the email is specific for a particular user and good only for enrolling one device. If the user wants to enroll more than one device, then you have to send more than one invite for the user to enroll as many number of devices. Click here, to know more about the steps to enroll devices

Bulk Enrollment

This option facilitates you to enroll many devices at a same time. You can simply create a CSV file with the Email, Platform and Owned by details and upload the same. Multiple entries should be in separate lines. Click here, to know more about the bulk enrollment

Most Suited for:

  • Most suitable for BYOD
  • When you want to limit the users to whom the enrollment invite should be sent.
  • It works good when the users are knowledgeable enough to complete the enrollment process using the instructions sent via email

Points to be Noted:

  • Users have to accept the invitation and initiate the enrollment process within 72 hours
  • You have to follow up with the users to complete the enrollment process

The pre-fetched user names given to the users during enrollment, can be modified by clicking the Edit icon provided against the user name in the enrolled devices list given in the Enrollment tab. This is useful to modify the existing user names to AD user names to provision AD-based profiles such as Exchange, E-mail etc., to the users. To edit the user names in bulk, refer this

SMS Enrollment

The admin can choose to either send out an SMS along with the email or just an SMS to users to enroll their devices.

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP provides organization free SMS credits to enroll devices. An organization get 20% extra credits on the number of licensed mobile devices. For Example: An organization with 100 devices will have 120 free SMS credits.

Following are a few points to be kept in mind while using SMS enrollment:

  1. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP integrates with Clickatel and BulkSMS to send out SMS to the users.
  2. Since bulk SMS providers are used, a user might not receive the SMS if they have enabled 'Do not Disturb' for their mobile numbers.
  3. The sender ID differs from country to country and carrier to carrier and hence it is recommended to inform the users that they will be receiving an enrollment SMS to ensure that these SMS are not treated as spam. The sender name varies since some countries block SMS sent from foreign numbers.

Enrollment without invitation - Self Enrollment

Users do not require an invite from you. They have to download the ME MDM app from the Play Store and install it. Refer this to know more about Self Enrollment

Most Suited for:

  • Single user can enroll multiple devices
  • User does not require any invitation or approval for initiating enrollment

Points to be noted:

You cannot have a track on the devices/users if the enrollment has failed

Enrollment by Administrator - Using NFC

You can enroll devices using NFC. You will have to ensure that the devices support NFC and wi-fi is turned on the target device. You should manually configure an Admin device and make it as a terminal. You can bump this device with the target devices to initiate the enrollment process. Click here, to know more about enrolling devices using NFC

Most Suited for:

  • If you wanted to enroll corporate devices
  • You do not want user intervention

Points to be Noted:

  • This will not work if the device does not support NFC.
  • The device must be in possession, for bumping the device.

Enroll devices

Follow the steps mentioned below to enroll the devices.

  1. On the web console, click on Enrollment tab.
  2. Click on Enroll Device and select Android from the dropdown. Choose Samsung or Non-Samsung based on the manufacturer of the device, to be enrolled.
  3. Provide the following details to initiate enrollment:
    1. If the admin wishes to complete the enrollment before handing the device to the user, select By Myself. If the admin wants to send the invite to the users, select Through User Invites.
    2. If by myself is chosen
      1. The Select User option will already be prefilled with the admin's information.
    3. If through user invites is chosen
      1. Select whether the user is to be notified using Email or using SMS. To know more about SMS Enrollment click here.
      2. Select User option must be filled with the user's email address and/or mobile number based on the notification type chosen.
    4. Owned by: The device is a COPE(Corporate Owner Personal Enabled Device) or BYOD(Bring Your Own Device).
    5. Assign to Group : The group to which the device is to be assigned to.
    6. Click on Send Enrollment Invite to send the enrollment invite.

Users are sent 2 mails, one for account creation with MDM (joining the organization) and the second with the enrollment invitation.
All enrolled devices are listed in the Devices Tab in the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP console under Groups and Devices.

Enroll additional devices for same user

You can enroll multiple devices for the same user. In case a user has more than one mobile device to be managed, you can enroll those devices by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the web console, navigate to Enrollment
  2. Under Enrollment tab, choose the User Name to whom you wanted to enroll the additional device
  3. Under Actions click Enroll Additional Device
  4. Specify the Notify By option as either email or SMS.
  5. Specify the Platform as Android
  6. Specify the Owned By type as Corporate or Personal and click Enroll

The mail to enroll additional device would be sent to the specified user.

Bulk Enrollment

This option facilitates you to enroll many devices at a same time. You can simply create a csv file with the User Name, Domain Name, Email, Platform and Owned by details and upload the same. Multiple entries should be in separate lines. Refer the below mentioned csv file for example,

Sample CSV Format


  1. The CSV file should contain the following fields: Email Address, Platform Type, Owned By, Group Name
  2. The fields Email Address and Platform Type are mandatory. All the other fields are optional. If not provided, default values are taken
  3. The default values for various non-mandatory fields are:
    Owned By -- Corporate
    Group Name -- Default Group for given Owned By & Platform Type.
  4. The first line of the CSV is the column header and the columns can be in any order.
  5. Blank column values should be comma separated.
  6. If the column value contains comma, it should be specified within quotes.

Follow the steps mentioned below, to enroll devices through Bulk Enrollment.

  1. On the web console, navigate to Enrollment
  2. Click Bulk Enrollment. A window opens, click Browse to upload the created CSV file and Import the same
  3. While uploading the CSV file select the notification mode as either email or SMS.

Enrollment invite is sent to all the users listed in the CSV file.

Enrollment process on Android devices

The user, upon receiving the enrollment request, can enroll their device as mentioned below:

  1. Users must download and install ME MDM app from Play Store.
  2. Open the app and click on the Cloud button. To continue with the enrollment, scan the QR code or the tiny URL, given in the mail. In case you are unable to enroll using the aforesaid methods, use the long URL present under Note.
  3. Login with your Zoho account when prompted and provide the OTP given .

In case of enrollment using SMS, the user must perform the following steps

  1. Download the ManageEngine MDM app using the link in the SMS.
  2. Upon downloading the app successfully, click on Enroll via SMS and copy the complete SMS content and paste it in the space provided.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete enrolling the device.

Apps distributed by ME MDM are listed in App Catalog. Profiles associated to the devices are listed under Policies and Restrictions. Device details provide the complete information about the device.

Remove an enrolled device

  1. On the web console, navigate to Enrollment.
  2. Click Enrollment tab.
  3. Click Search button and search for the device by using its known properties( user name, device name etc).
  4. Click Action and select Remove Device.
  5. In the confirm box displayed, click OK.

Removing the device removes all the profiles and apps associated with the device, if they are distributed through MDM.

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