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You can configure various restrictions on the managed devices, as per the requirements of your organization. You can allow or restrict users to modify device name, explicit content, and set advanced security restrictions.

The status of restrictions imposed using MDM for a particular device, is shown under Inventory-> Restrictions. When no restrictions are imposed by MDM, by default the status is displayed as Allowed.

Allow user to modify device name Allow/Restrict the user from modifying the name of the device.
Prevent devices from entering Sleep Mode Allow/Restrict the device from entering Sleep Mode.
Device date and time Date and time can be set automatically on the device, based on the current network and location or it can be left to the user to configure.
Incoming AirPlay requests Allow/Restrict incoming AirPlay requests.
Request passwords from devices in proximity Allow/Restrict devices request their passwords with other devices in proximity.
Pair Apple TV with Remote app and Control Center widget Allow/Restrict pairing Apple TV with Remote app and Control Center widget.
Force password for AirPlay incoming requests Enable/Disable prompting password for all AirPlay incoming requests during device pairing.
Erotic content Allow/Restrict erotic content.
Explicit Music & Podcasts Allow/Restrict explicit music and podcasts.
Maximum Allowable Ratings for Movies Allow/Restrict to view movies based on the specified ratings.
Maximum Allowable Ratings for TV shows Allow/Restrict to view TV shows based on the specified ratings.
Maximum Allowable Ratings for Apps Allow/Restrict to use apps based on the specified ratings.
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