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Once the initial setup of Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP server is completed, the first step to manage devices is to add the details of the customers whose devices are to be managed.

Adding Customers to Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP

Follow the steps given below to add customer details to the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP server.

  1. On the console, navigate to the Admin tab and select Customers under Setting up MDM MSP.
  2. Here you can enter the information about different customers that will be managed. Enter the mandatory fields Customer name and e-mail ID.
  3. You can enter the other fields for auditing and management.
  4. Click Save to save the customer information.

Customer Segmentation

With Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, you can manage the devices of multiple customers from a single console, while maintaining the privacy of different organizations.

The technicians can view only the devices being managed for their respective companies while the administrator can have complete access to the devices of the managed organizations. The administrator can toggle between the different customers by selecting the customer name from the drop down available at the top titled Customer. This will allow the administrator to view the managed devices for the selected customer.

Click here to learn how to assign specific customers to different technicians.

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