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Configuring MDM MSP On-Premises

This sections guides you in installing Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP and working with the product. The following requirements need to be met, for MDM to function effectively.

Configuring Proxy is the first and most important requirement. It is used by Mobile Device Manager Plus server to contact the APNs, FCM and WNS. Mobile devices which are outside the corporate network should be able to reach the MDM server. So, ensure that MDM server is hosted in the edge or NAT settings is configured. You can secure the communication between the mobile devices and MDM server by using 3rd party certificates. One of the mandatory requirement, is to  configure Mail server. Mail server is used to send enrollment related mails, inventory and reports. The other settings mentioned below are optional, you can choose to configure them based on your business requirement.

Ensure these ports and domains are allowed on the server machine and/or the devices to be managed

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