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tvOS Configuration Profiles

You can configure a profile to impose policies and restrictions on the managed mobile device. The following profile specifications can be customized and stored in specific versions, to be associated with devices/groups at any point of time. The specifications are listed below with the options to customize it.

  • Restrictions - Restrictions and permissions related to device functionality, Advanced Security, and Content Ratings.
  • Wi-Fi - Configuring Wi-Fi and proxy settings for devices to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Kiosk - Lock the device to a single app or set of apps and have the settings pre-configured.
  • Global HTTP Proxy - Configuring Global Proxy settings to ensure that users need not specify proxy settings anywhere else on MDM.
  • Certificate - Distribute certificates to managed devices to secure access to services such as e-mail, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) - Integrate with Certificate Authority to automate distribution client certificates to secure devices through certificate-based authentication.
  • Custom Configuration - Configuring customized profiles using third-party tools such as Apple Configurator and distribute them via MDM.
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