Network Backup Software

The consequences of a network device downtime are multi-fold and a one-stop solution to this is network backup through network backup software. A device down time can result in disrupted network connectivity, application unavailability, loss of data, and more. This translates to the business as lost opportunity, shaken customer loyalty, damaged reputation, and lowered employee morale. The performance of a network device depends on several factors like the device OS upgrades, device configurations and more. Out of these, the device configurations are a vulnerable area since they are the part of the device that's more often changed/edited. In fact, a staggering 35% of network device down time is caused by man-made configuration errors and software failures due to untimely outages.


Network restoration without a network backup software

A network down time can be reduced by fixing the issue as soon as possible so that the network device can be up and running. But in most cases, fixing the issue that caused the down time in the first place is not an easy task. The biggest time blocker when it comes to fixing a faulty device is identifying the root cause. Most network admins spend a whole lot of time in trouble-shooting the issue while the device remains down. The best way to cut down on the time that the device is unfunctional is by network devices backup by uploading a backup configuration file into the device through a network backup software and restart it. In reality, how many of us network admins can confidently say that we have the configuration backup of all our network devices?

How does network backup software help in reducing device downtime?

Network backup software reduces device downtime greatly by helping you to upload stable configuration files from the backup repository to the device. Once stable configuration files have been uploaded, all network functions are immediately restored. A network admin can bring back the device before troubleshooting and finding the root cause provided the right configuration file is backed up. The real challenge in this is to always have the configuration files backed up and also to have the knowledge of which file to upload. Network Configuration Manager (NCM) or network backup solution provides a simple and affordable one-step implementation solution to have the updated configuration files. With these configuration files stored securely, a network downtime ceases to be a haunting experience. In the occurence of a network device downtime, the backed up configuration file can be uploaded to the device to bring it back to life thus drastically reducing the downtime.

How to backup network device configurations using Network Configuration Manager?

Once the devices in the network are discovered into NCM, the network backup tool or NCM will be able to communicate with the device and fetch their config files. Whenever a configuration backup is triggered through network backup software, the current startup and running configuration files in the device will be backed up and stored securely. Network Configuration Backup can be triggered in the following ways:

  • Manual Backups
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Syslog-based automated backups

Manual Network Configuration Backups

When a risky change is to be implemented across the network, it is proactive to backup the configuration files to be safe in case of a mishap. Having the configurations backups before carrying out a change will prove essential to instantly revert if the change back-fires. Network Configuration Manager also called as network backup software or network configuration backup software helps to backup any number of devices or device groups with a single click instantaneously. A large number of devices can be selected in bulk and their configuration files can be backed up at any instant using manual backups.

Network Backup Solution - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Scheduled Network Configuration Backup with network backup software

The best way to make sure you always have the updated configuration files is to schedule the task of getting the configuration backups. Especially in enterprises with large number of devices, the task of taking a configuration backup becomes a mundane task taking up most of the time of an admin. When scheduled, this mundane but important task of getting the configuration backups can be taken care of by the network configuration backup tool called as Network Configuration Manager. Being able to schedule network configuration backups will free up a network admin's time to do productivity enhancing tasks. Learn more about Scheduled Backups here .

Network Configuration Backup Software - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Syslog Based Automated Network Configuration Backup

In a network environment consisting of many devices, there will be certain devices like core router and Firewall which are critical in nature. Any change to these devices can turn to be disastrous to the entire network. For this reason, it is imperative to capture any change that happens in these devices and a backup network software is essential. To manually monitor and trigger backups upon each change is a task that's close to impossible. Network Configuration Manager constantly listens to the syslog messages from the devices to identify a change. Once a change is identified, the network backup software or Network Configuration Manager automatically triggers a configuration backup.

Automatic Network Backup Software - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Learn more about Automated Backups here.


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