How frequently should I monitor devices?

The general practice is to monitor critical devices more frequently than non-critical ones.The recommended monitoring intervals for small and medium-sized networks (up to 1000 devices) are tabulated below.

Device Category Monitoring Interval (minutes) 
Routers, Critical Servers 10
Switches, Hubs, and Printers 10 - 20
Critical Services like Exchange, Active Directory 10 - 20
Desktops and Workstations We recommend turning off monitoring for unimportant desktops and workstations to reduce the amount of network traffic generated by OpManager. This is done by clearing selection for Desktop category in Settings> Configuration> Monitoring Intervals. Alternatively, you can also monitor them less frequently, say for every 30-60 minutes.

If there are other critical workstations that you want to monitor, you can set up monitoring for them individually.

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