How does IPF / ASF license model work?

License expiry - Popup 

If you're able to view the license expiry popup, you're currently on the new licensing model of OpManager.

When was this license model adopted?

We made the transition to this licensing model in July 2017.

What is the difference?

In the new model (IPF / ASF), after the completion of the support period, the annual support fee has to be paid for OpManager to continue functioning.

  • From the 60th day before expiry, you'll start receiving product alerts in until expiry/renewal. From there, you can directly navigate to the ASF form by clicking on the alert message, fill in your subscription needs, and our sales team will get back to you with the extension license at the earliest.
  • From the 15th day before expiry, you'll receive popup messages on every login about the number of days for the license to expire, which will continue until expiry/renewal. This popup also contains the link to the ASF form, where you can apply for your subscription license right away.
  • From the 15th day before expiry, you'll also receive a reminder mail everyday till expiry/renewal, through which you can apply for the subscription too.

Please make sure you respond to any one of these and get your license renewed, and failing to do so would result in OpManager becoming non-functional.

The terms of the Annual Subscription Fee (ASF) model have also been mentioned in the Software License agreement.

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