Integrating OpManager with Service DeskPlus using 3rd party SSL Certificate


  • Copy the sdp.keystore file from the SDP installation which is under the sdp\conf folder to OpManagerhome directory.
  • We have to get the keypass and storepass used while generating the sdp.keystore file in Service Desk plus

    You can open the file "server.xml" located under "‹SDP installed directory›\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat50.sar\" and see keypass & storepass, mostly keypass and storepass will be the same.
  • We have to identify the exact alias name used while generating sdp.keystore. You can get that by running the below command from the OpManager administrative command prompt.

    Execute below command from the OpManager installed directory using command prompt with run as administrator:
    \\ OpManager‹.\jre\bin\keytool -list -v -keystore sdp.keystore 
    After executing the above command, you will get the alias name from the result.  
  • Once you have the alias name, keypass and store pass, replace them in the below command and execute it.(which is the first part of ssl_servicedesk.bat), this will create a file called sdp_cert.txt

    \\ OpManager>.\jre\bin\keytool -export -v -rfc -alias ‹asc› -file sdp_cert.txt -keystore .\conf\sdp.keystore -keypass ‹sdpsecured› -storepass ‹sdpsecured›

    In the above command, we have to change the alias name(), keypass value() and storepass value () with the respective alias name, keypass and storepass values.
  • Execute the below command(second part of ssl_servicedesk.bat)

    \\ OpManager>.\jre\bin\keytool -import -alias SDPSSL -keystore .\conf\ OpManager.truststore -file sdp_cert.txt -storepass OpManager -noprompt

    Once it is done,
    Go to to OpManager\bin directory and open the ssl_servicedesk.bat and do the below changes

    Replace this line

    %NMS_HOME%\jre\bin\keytool -export -v -rfc -alias asc -file sdp_cert.txt -keystore %NMS_HOME%/conf/sdp.keystore -keypass sdpsecured -storepass sdpsecured


    %NMS_HOME%\jre\bin\keytool -export -v -rfc -alias ‹alias name› -file sdp_cert.txt -keystore %NMS_HOME%/conf/sdp.keystore -keypass ‹keypass value› -storepass ‹storepass value›

    where ‹alias name›, ‹keypass value› and ‹storepass value› is the alias, keypass value and the storepass value that you used in fourth step.

    Save the file and restart the OpManager service and verify the integration.


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