How can I perform status polling for the device using DNS name? 

Since the IP address remains constant in most of the environments, OpManager uses the primary IP address of the device for status polling by default.

In cases where the devices are implemented with dynamic IP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP), OpManager can be configured for status polling using the device's DNS name.

To enable status polling of the device using its DNS name, follow below steps :

  • Go to Settings → Discovery → Discovery Settings
  • Enable Dynamic IP Address radio button and click on 'Save'.
  1. Once the Dynamic IP address option is enabled, the status polling for all the devices henceforth will be done using DNS instead of IP Address.
  2. If your OpManager build number is 124089 or later, this option has been replaced with 'Poll Using' option in Settings → Monitor settings. With this option, you can choose whether OpManager should poll your devices using its IP address or the DNS name. This option can be configured globally throughout OpManager, or for individual devices in your network.

    To know more about this, visit this page: how to configure IP/DNS polling in our help documentation.


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