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About Cotiviti:

  • Established in 1979, Cotiviti is a leading analytics company that aids healthcare organizations, such as payers and providers, in enhancing their financial performance and operational efficiency through advanced data analytics, technology, and consulting services.
  • Apart from working with more than 180 healthcare players, the organization also supports the retail industry with audit and recovery services in order to increase efficiency and maximize profitability.


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Outcomes after implementing Applications Manager



improvement in application uptime



reduction in Cotiviti's mean time to repair (MTTR)



troubleshooting to
prevent issues before they become major outages

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Application performance monitoring (APM Insight)


Infrastructure monitoring


Root cause analysis


AIOps-assisted smart alerts

"Our experience with Applications Manager's support team has been nothing short of exceptional. The team's technical and troubleshooting expertise ensured a smooth transition from Windows to Linux in a remarkably short period, and we were highly impressed with their efficiency and skills throughout the process.They have truly set the bar high and we couldn't be more satisfied with their dedication and proficiency."

— Raju Bathina, senior server administrator, Cotiviti

Business challenge

In a healthcare landscape where up to $1 trillion annually is lost to waste, abuse, fraud, and low-value care, Cotiviti aims to deliver solutions that help tackle these challenges effectively. Its suite of healthcare solutions encompasses payment accuracy, risk adjustment, quality improvement, data analytics, and consulting services, each of which play a crucial role in optimizing financial performance, care quality, and operational efficiency within the healthcare industry. By helping to lower healthcare costs, reduce inefficiency, close care gaps, and ensure claims are appropriately reimbursed, the organization aims to enable a high-quality and viable healthcare system.

The applications within Cotiviti, particularly the client-facing revenue-generating ones, occupy a pivotal and critical role within the organization's operations. These applications are instrumental in driving business impact by facilitating timely and accurate claim processing. Any delay in claim processing can result in significant business losses for both Cotiviti and its clients. "Our highly distributed, hybrid architecture involves many applications with different moving pieces that we rely on to ensure seamless flow of critical data and optimize the processing of claims. These applications and systems collectively form the backbone of Cotiviti's service delivery, allowing us to provide efficient and reliable solutions to our clients while mitigating the risk of financial setbacks due to delayed or inaccurate claims processing," said Raju Bathina, senior server administrator at Cotiviti. The increasing complexity coupled with the need for real-time performance analysis of its internal and external systems drove Cotiviti to look for an application performance monitoring solution that would empower it to proactively identify and address performance issues, ensure uninterrupted service delivery, and mitigate the risk of business impact due to downtime.

"With Applications Manager, we can pinpoint issues much faster and make fixes before they escalate, which allows us to deliver a better experience to our clients."

Raju Bathina, senior server administrator, Cotiviti

Delivering exceptional services with full-stack application performance monitoring

During the evaluation process, Cotiviti considered several solutions, including PRTG, to address its monitoring needs. However, upon discovering ManageEngine Applications Manager, Cotiviti was thoroughly impressed with its comprehensive capabilities and made a strategic decision to proceed with the product. "After implementing the product, we experienced a transformative shift from a reactive to a proactive approach. Previously, our teams had to manually determine which service was impacted for each client, a process that was incredibly time-consuming. This challenge became more pronounced as the number of services and clients increased, resulting in poor visibility and an overwhelming volume of alerts that we struggled to manage. With Applications Manager, we can automatically aggregate and analyze alerts from multiple systems, swiftly identify impacted services, drill down to the root cause, and promptly take corrective actions," said Bathina.

Previously, the team lacked detailed insights into the number of issues that were occurring and were quite surprised by the errors identified by Applications Manager. "For the first time, we were able to get holistic insight across our application stack. We were able to find errors that we weren't aware of and drill down to their root cause within minutes," said Bathina.

Bathina also recounted a scenario where Applications Manager helped in providing uninterrupted healthcare claim processing for Cotiviti's clients. By proactively managing database connections, monitoring database counts, and scrutinizing heap size, Applications Manager ensured the integrity of Cotiviti's claims processing. The system extended its vigilance to cover virtual machine health, issuing timely alerts to prevent critical outages. Insight into historical disk utilization data helped streamline performance analysis and issue resolution. This wealth of data empowered Cotiviti to make informed resource allocation decisions, dramatically reducing resolution time from hours to minutes.

In another compelling scenario, Cotiviti found itself confronted with the task of optimizing data source management, a mission-critical aspect of its healthcare services. With Applications Manager's APM Insight capabilities, the team was able to gain code-level insight into service performance, monitor data source counts, and ensure timely corrective actions were taken as these counts approached their maximum thresholds. This vigilant approach proved instrumental in preventing potential slowdowns in database operations and helped guarantee continuous service availability.

"Applications Manager has made our lives 10x easier! We are now able to gain real-time visibility into every incident and resolve them before clients are impacted."

— Raju Bathina, senior server administrator, Cotiviti

Key benefits

Streamlined operations and minimized outages

Applications Manager has simplified Cotiviti's operations, providing clear insights into resource utilization while effectively reducing downtime. With these insights, Cotiviti is able to allocate resources efficiently, preventing outages and maintaining uninterrupted service delivery.

Reduced alert noise

With the product's AI-powered smart alerts, teams have been able to reduce alert noise significantly, allowing them to focus on issues that truly need their attention. This streamlined approach has not only improved productivity but has also minimized alert fatigue, enabling Cotiviti's teams to work more efficiently.

Increased uptime and reliability

"In terms of reliability, the tool is the best. There has been no downtime at all and our mean time to repair an issue has gone down by 75%. Our teams have been able to provide better services to clients and we couldn't be happier," said Bathina.

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