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Hardware Monitoring Tools

Hardware Monitoring

If monitoring the performance of business critical applications is indisputable, then so is monitoring the status of the hardware on which these applications run. Often, servers develop critical problems without warning, resulting in expensive hardware repairs. Hence, keeping an eye on the status and performance of your servers hardware component with a robust tool for hardware monitoring is critical, so that server downtimes can be minimized.

Applications Manager's Hardware monitoring proactively monitors details like health of processors, failure of any physical or logical drive, cooling units/fans and current voltage, etc. for hardware servers (HP Proliant and Dell Power Edge) and VMware ESX/ESXi servers, to identify issues caused by a malfunctioning hardware component.

Proactively monitor server components to prevent server outage with hardware monitoring software

Hardware monitoring tracks any kind of degradation in server hardware performance which is closely linked to the status of the following hardware performance metrics:

Hardware Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Hardware Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Hardware Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Power supply rating: Voltages or power ratings outside permissible range can damage electrical components or cause system failure. Monitor the voltage/wattage readings of servers with our hardware monitoring software to make sure that they are within the safe operating limit.

CPU fan speed : It is critical to check the working of the fan, to detect overheating, due to prolonged temperature spikes. For instance, if the fan stops working, there will be severe damage to the server components and it will fail. Monitoring hardware helps understand its performance and make necessary optimizations.

Temperature : In cases, where the temperature increases beyond the operational range, the processor gets a burn out. Monitor hardware CPU temperatures with Applications Manager's hardware performance monitor to determine if the components are operating at a safe limit.

Disk and Array : A hardware monitor also helps view disk details(physical and logical) and ensure data availability by detecting disk failures or file system corruptions before it becomes completely nonrecoverable.

Memory: Get statistics for the type and size of installed memory modules. Hardware performance monitoring helps detect faulty/improper installation or configuration of memory modules which can be rectified accordingly.

Processor: Our Hardware performance monitoring tool helps you view CPU configuration details and ensure proper functioning of CPUs by monitoring the status( speed, core count, etc.) of processor devices.

Receive proactive alerts in case of component failure.

Applications Manager's Hardware monitoring tool enables you to configure alarms to receive proactive alerts when any of the core hardware monitoring metrics fall into these categories: failed, error, non-recoverable, warning, degraded, and critical, so that corrective action can be taken quickly.

Monitor Hardware - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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