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About Delta Community Credit Union

  • Founded in 1940, Delta Community Credit Union is one of the largest financial institutions in Georgia, serving over 470,000 members. It's a not-for-profit financial institution that operates on a member-owned model.
  • As a community-centered organization, Delta Community actively engages in philanthropic initiatives and community development efforts. It supports local schools, charities, and nonprofits through financial contributions, volunteer work, and educational programs.


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"We are thoroughly impressed by the value we received from Applications Manager. The overall offering exceeded our expectations and proved to be an excellent bang for the buck. Highly recommended.""

— Frank Duncan, system engineer, Delta Community Credit Union

Business challenge

Delta Community Credit Union offers a wide array of financial services designed to meet the needs of its members. With a focus on member satisfaction, the organization provides a range of deposit accounts, including savings, checking, money market, and certificates of deposit. As it grew fast to over 450,000 exclusive customers (and counting), so did the complexity of its IT infrastructure.

As a financial services organization, Delta Community Credit Union manages an IT environment that hosts a mix of new and legacy technologies. Like most organizations, its IT team wanted to gain better visibility into their application landscape so that they could optimize and make strategic decisions, pinpoint performance issues, and ensure customer experiences are on point.

"We have a multitude of interconnected applications that work together to provide various services. Availability and reliability of applications are critical to our success due to the fast paced nature of the financial market. Without access to real-time data or decipherable dashboards, our IT team was struggling to understand and correlate information via spreadsheets, and this slowed down remediation times," said Frank Duncan, system engineer, Delta Community Credit Union.

Better visibility translates to flawless member experiences

"After evaluating various monitoring tools, including SolarWinds, Dynatrace, and Splunk, we found Applications Manager to be the perfect fit for our needs. Its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing made it the clear winner. The support team helped us deploy the solution with ease while providing initial training for our engineers to ensure that the product is customized to meet our needs. This was highly beneficial to us," said Duncan.

With visibility at its fingertips, Delta Community is able to understand patterns, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions that drive operational efficiency and enhance member experiences. Recalling one such scenario, Duncan continued, "We noticed that transaction processing time had significantly improved, affecting member satisfaction. APM Insight helped us monitor the response times of our core banking systems and identify inefficient database code that was causing the slowdown. Armed with this information, we were able to optimize system performance to a considerable extent." Additionally, the product enabled the IT team to schedule and automate the execution of database scripts for monitoring and reporting, thereby ensuring consistent and prompt execution without manual intervention.

Before Applications Manager, diagnosing and resolving issues in Delta Community's increasingly complex environment was a daunting task. "We were spending hours digging through issues and it was hampering our productivity. With the product, we are able to get end-to-end, full-stack observability across our application environment from an unified console," said Duncan. In addition to automating arduous repetitive tasks, the product helps prioritize issues based on the severity of alerts, allowing the team to tackle critical problems in time.

By slashing issue resolution time to mere minutes, Delta Community has progressed remarkably in handling the unknowns within its distributed system. This proactive approach has allowed it to anticipate and address issues promptly, resulting in improved service delivery to users.

"Having all our monitoring needs met with a single platform has been a game-changer for us. Applications Manager provides a comprehensive set of features that cater to our diverse monitoring requirements, and we have found tremendous value in its capabilities. It has streamlined our monitoring processes and given us the peace of mind that our systems are performing optimally."

— Frank Duncan, system engineer, Delta Community Credit Union

Key benefits

Rich, contextual insights

With complete, contextual insights into all of its business-critical applications from a single pane of glass, Delta Community is now able to understand patterns and member interactions with its digital services.

Prompt alerts

Applications Manager's AI-powered alerts have played a crucial role in enabling proactive issue resolution. By receiving timely, accurate alerts about potential performance issues at an early stage, the organization is able to streamline the process, take proactive steps to address problems before they escalate, and minimize downtime. With improved alert fidelity, Delta Community is able to ensure its resources are effectively utilized and focus on innovation.

Increased customer satisfaction

With Applications Manager, the organization is now able to provide seamless and reliable online services to its members. "Our online account access and balance inquiry functionalities had been experiencing slow response times and occasional unavailability, which resulted in member dissatisfaction. However, with the monitoring tool in place, we were able to track essential metrics such as login response times, account retrieval success rates, and system availability. This enabled us to ensure that members could access their accounts and check balances quickly and reliably. The use of this product has significantly contributed to our ability to improve member satisfaction," said Duncan.

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