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Medianet monitoring with NetFlow Analyzer

Cisco Medianet is an intelligent network optimized for media rich traffic to enhance user experience with rich media traffic. It enables the network to optimally perform despite having bandwidth consuming rich media traffic in it. It helps in simplifying complex network problems associated with transmitting media rich traffic. It also accelerates the delivery of content which is rich in media by means of using network intelligence.

Medianet report

Medianet reports give you detailed insights on a variety of critical parameters like jitter, packets loss and round trip time:

Jitter average

To overcome the effect of jitter in media-rich traffic, it is important to keep a constant check on the values of jitter at different points of time during transmission. To know the average jitter values for your media rich traffic, the jitter average report helps a great deal. This report lists the minimum, maximum and average values of jitter for your rich media traffic.

Medianet Jitter Report

Packets Lost

The usage of the same link to transmit data, voice and media results in bandwidth competition leading to lost packets in the process. The unique nature of media traffic further enhances the problem so much to the extent of resulting in completely interrupting the transmission of packets. It is important to monitor the packet loss in order to ensure continuous flow and loss-free delivery of media traffic.

Medianet packets lost

Round Trip Time

A surge in the round trip time spells trouble. If you monitor the round trip time for your video traffic, it would help in easy remediation when there is trouble thereby helping in damage control. The Medianet report gives you average RTT values so that you could ensure hassle free flow of media traffic in your network.

Round Trip Time


The Traffic tab acts as your single window to view all aspects of your media traffic and its allied factors like media packets, jitter average, packets lost, the ratio of your media traffic to other traffic etc. This view helps in getting a comprehensive idea of the media traffic pattern that you can observe in your network.

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To know more about how to configure Medianet, please click here.

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