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While network forensics is primarily used for detecting malware and attacks in your network, it can also be used as a proactive method to monitor and identify issues in the network infrastructure, overall performance, and bandwidth usage.

Network Forensics - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Network forensic analysis - Gauging your network traffic to identify threats

Security concerns in your network might start as something simple like a traffic spike or bottleneck. These are, however, often ignored, especially in developing organizations, assumed to be application growth or increase in the number of users. But neglecting these issues can result in data breaches, loss of customer data, devices crashing, etc.

Every time there's a traffic spike or bottleneck, before rushing in to scale up your bandwidth to support the incoming traffic, it's important to look at things like growth pattern and frequency of the spikes or anomalies, and determine the root cause of the spikes. While the increase in traffic could be due to positive organizational growth, bandwidth anomalies or spikes could be caused by anything from a mail server problem to a hacking attempt. Hence, there is an indispensable need for a network forensic solution.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer - Network forensics Solution

NetFlow Analyzer's advanced network forensic report helps you monitor these changes and irregularities in your network that may otherwise go unnoticed. It gives you an in-depth view of your network and allows you to drill down to the root cause of issue. Bad packets can put a strain on your network and bring it to a halt, so identifying the exact source of the anomalous traffic and troubleshooting it in the shortest time is critical to IT administrators.

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NetFlow Analyzer provides visibility into your network that helps with quick troubleshooting and eliminating network bottlenecks. It uses raw data to provide better visibility into network issues over any time period, even if it's months old.

Network Forensics Tools - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

In addition to this, you can:

  • Monitor top talkers, conversations, and protocols
  • Identify the top applications on your network
  • Monitor and control quality of service (QoS) and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Set up threshold-based alerts based on traffic volume

Deeper visibility with raw data

One of the challenges in performing network forensic analysis is the amount of data generated in a network. NetFlow Analyzer's network forensics generates reports that includes every bit of flow information that has been exported from devices, offering a comprehensive view into details like TCP flags, packets, next hop information, port, protocol, top conversations, differentiated services code points (DSCPs), and IP addresses.

Network Forensics Analysis Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Troubleshooting network performance issues can be a time-consuming process. With raw data-based reports, NetFlow Analyzer as a network forensics tool makes identifying and troubleshooting bandwidth hogs easy and quick.

Cisco ASA

NetFlow Analyzer also supports Cisco ASA (based on NetFlow v9), providing reports on traffic and bandwidth using NetFlow packets from ASA devices. This further reduces the troubleshooting time and difficulty in tracking configuration changes that impact network performance.

Network Forensics report

Network forensics generates reports based on applications, sources, destinations, DSCPs, conversations, packets, and more for any device and its interfaces for any selected time frame. In case of an anomalous spike in your network, the forensics report will help you identify which conversation or application is causing the sudden spike in traffic, including from which source and destination. You can also set custom alerts to be notified every time there is a threshold violation, helping you more quickly respond to issues.

Network Forensics Analysis - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

With ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, network forensic analysis is as easy as it gets!

Network Forensics Solutions - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer, flow-based network bandwidth monitoring network forensics software, integrates NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more), and other collection and analysis engines. NetFlow exports are collected, correlated, and analyzed by the bandwidth monitor to get granular details to monitor bandwidth usage on network across each WAN link. NetFlow Analyzer is a complete network forensic analysis tool, and with this network forensics tool there is no need to monitor bandwidth usage with hardware probes, and it is suitable for both Windows and Linux environments.Download a free trial of our real-time bandwidth monitor now!



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