Network Administrator,

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer helps MindTree manage its clients network Bandwidth Utilization and monitor their remote access VPN Traffic

"The firewall audit feature helped us remove unused rules and spot vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations"

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Bob Fuller
Director of Information Technologies,
Navellier & Associates Inc.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer helps Navellier & Associates meet FINRA, SEC, and SOX IT audit regulations

"We selected Firewall Analyzer because it was easier to setup than all other products we evaluated, it had the best management and graphical user interface, and provided us detailed firewall reports to meet FINRA, SEC, and SOX IT audit requirements"

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Satoshi Kinugawa
Senior Manager / Head of Infrastructure Team,
System Development Division of Benefit One

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer enables Benefit One Inc. to achieve 20% reduction in overall IT Spending

"After review of our findings, we decided to take back control of our operations management, firstly focusing on cost reduction and then strengthening our systems for automation"

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Phil Avella
Manager, Information Systems,
Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Thunder Bay District Health Unit uses ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer for Live Traffic Monitoring and Network Anomaly Detection

"The implementation was so easy and the Firewall Analyzer immediately started showing me how much inbound and outbound traffic was passing through our firewalls. I now use Firewall Analyzer daily!"

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Girish Ramachandran
Network Security Manager,

Firewall Analyzer helps Collabera to Gain Complete Visibility into their Client's Network Security Infrastructure

"Managing a multi-vendor firewall environment is not at all complex now. Firewall Analyzer allows us to centrally manage and monitor all firewalls such as Juniper, Fortinet, Cisco and other popular firewalls"

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Sherri Adams
Network Administrator,
Lake Health

Lake Health efficiently monitors internet bandwidth utilization & accelerates decision-making with ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

"Firewall Analyzer is an invaluable tool for us. It has helped us with troubleshooting firewall issues, allowed us to view top hosts and their conversations, allowed us to view the top destinations so that we can report on what the majority of our employees are really doing on the internet".

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Harshwardhan Kamdi
Senior Engineer – Information Technology,

How ThyssenKrupp Secured the Network and Controled Enterprise Bandwidth Hog Using ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

"The anomalous behavior in our network and the details of admin related activities on our firewall went unnoticed. This was a real challenge to us to track what a network user is doing on our firewall."

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Samuel Uwayirungu
IT Security Officer,

How Tigo, Telecom Service Provider, offered uninterrupted VPN service using ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

"Firewall Analyzer helps me to know the attacks that caused in my firewall and a drill analysis for each and every attack. It is a great product when it comes to notification. It helps our organization to know if there is any failed VPN transaction".

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Ken Muir
Director of Information Security,
LCM Security

How a Managed Security Service Provider and its clients benefitted from the network security and bandwidth reporting solutions of Firewall Analyzer?

"Pulling information is a very quick process, particularly when doing a forensic analysis on the network".

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