Firewall Analyzer for Cisco

Real time Bandwidth monitoring and Reporting tool
for Cisco firewalls.

A versatile combination of feature packed Cisco firewall and a firewall analyzer unearthing the full potential of the firewall is a best defense against network threats​.

Events Summary Reports

Firewall Analyzer displays a snapshot of security events happening in a Cisco firewall. This is offered in the Event Summary Reports. The events are classified as Critical, Warning and Information.

Firewall Reports
  • Firewall Reports
  • Firewall Reports

Security Reports

These reports helps you to study the security vulnerability pattern with top denied hosts, blocked URLs, attackers, targets, virus sending, affected hosts, spam sending, receiving hosts.

Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring Reports

These reports provides deep insights into the internet bandwidth usage. You will get real-time bandwidth use, allowed, blocked traffic, traffic incoming to, outgoing from network, internal and external traffic, URL allowed and blocked.

  • Get to know the corporate internet bandwidth usage pattern
  • Get to know the corporate internet bandwidth usage pattern
Manage your firewall with the device reports

Firewall Policy Management

With these reports you can monitor the rule usage and users accessing the firewall device. You can find out who is trying to access network firewall device.

VPN Reports

You can find the active users, users failed to access VPN, usage, traffic usage, groups, groups usage of VPN.

Get VPN usage details in your network
Get the category based internet usage

Internet Usage Reports

These reports let you know the categories of internet traffic through the network firewall. The reports include Mail, FTP, Telnet and other protocol usage in accessing the internet, website details with URLs and firewall rules used, streaming and chat sites visited.

Internet Usage Trend Reports

These reports convey the log term internet usage trends so that you can find out how the usage was and use it for future capacity planning.

Find the internet usage trend


Apart from exhaustive firewall reports with respect to network security, Firewall Analyzer offers comprehensive alarms and their notifications.

Alarms can be generated for an anomalous security criteria, bandwidth values, and any normal criteria of security interest.

Alarms can be notified via email and SMS. It can trigger a script to achieve various threat mitigation activities. Alarms are also displayed in the UI screen.

Cisco firewall exclusive

Support for Cisco virtual firewalls

Firewall Analyzer supports virtual firewalls of Cisco firewall appliances. They are dealt like normal firewalls and all the reports, alarms and other features are offered.

Search for Cisco firewall security events

Extensive indexing of Cisco firewall logs makes search for security events easy.

Supported Devices

Company Devices WELF Certified Other log format
Cisco Cisco Pix Secure Firewall v 6.x, 7.x   Available
  Cisco ASA - Virtual Contexts supported   Available
  Cisco IOS 3005, 1900, 2911, 3925   Available
  Cisco FWSM - Virtual Contexts supported   Available
  Cisco VPN Concentrator   Available
  Cisco CSC-SSM Module v6.3.x or higher   Available
  Cisco SSL WebVPN or SVC VPN   Available
  Cisco IronPort Proxy   Available
  Cisco Botnet module   Available
  Cisco Meraki   Available
  Cisco SourceFire Available Available

Cisco firewall configuration

You can configure Cisco firewalls to route the logs to Firewall Analyzer. The procedure is given in the help link: Configuring Cisco Devices - PIX/ASA/FWSM/VPN Concentrator.

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